Benefits of YAG laser after cataract surgery

YAG Laser Post Cataract Surgery

Benefits of YAG laser after cataract surgery

Cataract is a certain eye problem that occurs due to metabolic changes that leads to the opacity of the lens which makes it difficult to read, focus and even inability to tolerate glare. The best solution for getting rid of this condition is surgery which is a great success all over the world. While a large majority of the people enjoy clear vision after cataract surgery, there are some who face problems. It might be rare but can occur as the tissues that enclose the artificial intraocular lens becomes cloudy and blur the vision. Known as after-cataract, this condition can develop even months or years after the cataract surgery.

This problem is most effectively treated by a process called YAG laser capsulotomy. YAG has numerous ophthalmic applications but it is most commonly used to treat posterior capsular opacification after cataract surgery when patients face blurred vision or inability to read.  YAG removes the central zone of the cloudy posterior capsule behind the intraocular lens which ensures this condition does not recur causing any vision problem.

What makes YAG the right choice?

  • It removes the hazy posterior capsule from the patient’s line of sight without making any incision or even touching the eye tissue
  • The entire process is performed by an expert ophthalmologist within a few minutes and does not cause any pain which is a big relief for patients and doctors
  • It enables the patients to resume their normal activities immediately afterward
  • The patients feel an improvement in the vision either immediately or within the next few days

The laser is delivered through a bio-microscope, and the process is painless, but the doctor might inject topical anesthesia on one or both the eyes to prevent blinking and ensure the patient does not feel apprehensive during the procedure. The patient only has to sit still for a few minutes till the process is done.

The best thing about YAG is that it is a brief, simple and non-invasive process which creates an opening in the capsule with a small explosion of finely focused laser energy in targeted tissues and papillary axis. This process allows the light rays to again pass to the back of the eye which improves vision. It is important to know that laser energy is only delivered at the point of focus which does not cause any harm to the tissue through which it passes. Many times, this process is not understood by the people who are unable to perceive how cataract can be treated with laser.

YAG laser treatment is called the miracle machine as it delivers quick results and the vision improves immediately and patients have reported getting better after the procedure. Patients are advised to come back for a follow-up appointment to get the eye checked by the specialist.  Eye doctors also prescribe anti-glaucoma and anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent the rise of intraocular pressure. There is no bandage or patching necessary and the patient does not need any assistance after the procedure which makes it a very convenient and simple process that delivers highly beneficial results, clearing vision most effectively.