Article Rewriting and Summarizing Tips

Article Rewriting and Summarizing Tips

Best Article Rewriting and Summarizing Tips

Writing is an indispensable part of education. Think about all the situations and try to think where it is used and you will find the answer that it is used almost everywhere in every situation. To write is a very critical part of education.

There are so many educational fields and in every field, writing is used. Think about the literature field. People in this field need to write a lot and a lot. See all the occupational fields. In the business field, people need to prepare business reports and all these things require writing and just writing.

Different things related to writing

Writing is a very vast topic for discussion as there are no limits related to its discussion. There are so many things related to this field. Like there are so many nuances of writing. In this content, paraphrasing is used a lot of times and a lot of times summarizing is also used.

These two things are very important in writing. Today we focus is mainly on articles. We will today talk about article paraphrasing or we can say article rewriting. In addition to that, we will discuss it’s summarizing as well.


Firstly we will talk about what is paraphrasing? It is the same as rewriting. It is used a lot in different contents and it is basically used to create your own new content with the help of different sources. Like in schools children are told to paraphrase paragraph which helps them in learning the basics of paraphrasing.

The main thing about rewriting is that you always need to conserve the central idea of the text which you are paraphrasing. You can use different words, sentences, and even different scenarios but the main idea should always remain the same in the paraphrased text as in the original text which is used as a reference for paraphrasing.

The concept of word rephrases not always helpful in paraphrasing and that is why it is not always recommended.

Article rewriting expert tips

Now we will discuss some really important tips which are actually expert’s tips on how to paraphrase an article or you can take it in a general way as well. Following are the expert tips.

  • First of all, do some research about your topic of article paraphrasing. This will help you to understand some basic steps about rewriting an article.
  • Then start reading the article you need to rewrite. This is a very important step and it is actually the first step of your work. Read the article thoroughly. Read it again and again. Fully understand what is said in the article. Make sure you need a dictionary with you. Note down the words you do not know and look for their meaning in the dictionary. Then understand in which context that word is used.
  • You need to make sure that you take notes while you are reading the article. Note down all the important points you want to mention in your paraphrased article.
  • One needs to understand that there is a need to know the purpose of writing. You must discover what are you writing and why you are writing. Then try to use this reason to get important points from your life.
  • Then there is an important tip that you need to keep plagiarism in mind always. Copying is an offense and should not be tolerated. When you are paraphrasing an article try to use your own ideas as much as possible. Try to write things in your own way.
  • Use citations always. If you are using a quote or anything from some other source then mention its reference on priorities.
  • Once you have finished with your writing proofread it and compare it to the original article which you are paraphrasing.

These are some of the expert’s tips on rewriting an article. Make sure that you keep these points in mind and use them wherever possible in your writing. Actually, these are general points and you can use them anywhere.

Article summarizing tips

Article summarizing is similar to a situation when you have to summarize a text. It is a difficult task because when you summarize an article the problem which occurs is that you are trying to write a summary of an article which is not written by you and that is why you do not know what is important and what is not important.

That is why you sometimes end up messing things in summarizing. So to avoid all these things we are discussing important expert tips on an article summarizing. Following are the tips.

  • Read the article thoroughly which you are going to summarize. If you do not understand it in one go then again read it. This is the most important tip and it is very helpful in summarizing.
  • Note down all the important points of the article you understand and which you are going to use in summarizing of an article. Use a dictionary for looking at the meaning of the words which you do not understand.
  • Use citations wherever possible because it will help in creating a summary of the article which is plagiarism free. Also, keep an eye on plagiarism.
  • Then after you have prepared the summary of an article then match it with the original source and check if you have noted all the important points of an article. If things are goods then you are good with the article.
  • Always do editing and proofread the summary of an article after you have prepared it. This is really important because you will get to know all the mistakes related to the summary of an article.

These are some of the best expert tips on preparing a summary of an article.


Paraphrasing and summarizing are needed to be done a lot of times and that is why these two operations are an important part of writing. Keep in view all the points we have mentioned related to rewriting and summarizing separately. So first at the earliest with your work and try to meet your deadlines for the work. So good luck with rewriting and summarizing.