eCommerce Marketing Strategies to grow your Business

eCommerce Marketing Strategies

eCommerce Marketing Strategies to grow your Business :


Now that technology has updated so does our way of living. There is almost everything available online either it’s paying bills or purchasing online products. The Internet is the widest channel of communication available for all kind of businesses and internet marketing allow to attract customers rapidly.


What is E-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce means buying or selling of products or services through electronic means such as the internet, mobiles, telephones,  fax machines, ATMs. It’s no surprise that buying and selling have also taken to the Internet which is exactly what e-commerce is.

Today e-commerce or electronic commerce can be defined as any sort of transaction made on the Internet so if you bought something online whether physical or electronic you’ve engaged in e-commerce this can include buying directly or buying to affiliates of agents if you’ve sold something online whether physical or electronic, and that’s where Digital Marketing course comes handy.

eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Strategies of E-commerce Marketing:

Marketing can be super complicated as there are so many different things in marketing that you can do, so in this article, we are talking about it:


First thing first how do you get your products served right, how do you get the feed optimized to the point where the products are actually showing up when people are searching for you and most of this conversation? We’re going to be talking specifically about Google and other platforms like Facebook and Facebook to catalog. Things like that, they’ll have some different requirements, but for the most part, we’re going to be discussing Google.


Next thing after you get your product served, next is to get your product clicked on. We’ll talk about some different ways that we can boost the click-through rate with merchants promo’s reviews things like that and then finally how do you actually sell the product you just paid the money to have someone click and come to your site what can you do to optimize your conversion rate really create good convertible product pages.


We’re going to talk about how shopping ads are actually served now the primary thing here that Google is looking at is the relevancy what’s the relevancy of the product and the keyword of the search term that people are looking for now when you’re creating product ads especially in Google unlike traditional ads within that platform you can’t set specific keyword targeting, so what Google looks for is the relevancy of the product based on the relevancy of the search.


The first thing that looks for is the title, and the description of your actual product is incredibly important because that’s essentially the keyword right. Google identifying you as being relevant to that specific search term is low, so that’s something you want to pay attention to.

Now, a lot of companies want to get a little bit fancy with their names. There are a couple of different ways that you can get kind of creative with how products show the name of your product on your website so you can maintain that nomenclature and that branding or naming structure you have while still forcing a feed or showing a feed to Google that actually uses the keywords which are that’s pretty advanced.


Google is looking for your unique product identifier so this is the brand name MPN such as the manufacturer part number the GTIN which I believe is a global trade index number something like that different things UPC codes things like that it’s looking for what actually identifies the product if this is something that other people sell or it’s a product that has a brand that people search for and things like that this is how you identify or how you help Google identify where and what this product is and when to show it, so you want to make sure that you have as much information in as many details as possible and required.


Increase your relevancy score for different searches now on top of the actual optimization of Google feed also looks at bid optimizations and click-through rates and things like that if you have a product that has a low click-through rate Google assumes that it’s just not a product that people like or the algorithm assumes that it’s playing it for the wrong keywords it’s showing up for the wrong stuff, so the higher click-through rate that you have, the more likely Google is to show that product is not relevant.

They were all Google’s customers, so they want to ensure that even us as marketers or business owners that we are providing the best opportunity and the best experience to Google’s customers.


Based on click-through rate and based on how people are interacting with your ad Google influences your relevancy.


Increase your click-through rate: you do want to make sure that your product stands out but you also don’t want to stand out too much right, or you don’t want to try to get too creative, and you find that you’re just not getting the interaction that you want. Let the product stand for itself.

A white sheet in the background or anything like that you want to stand out and you want to ensure that you’re showcasing the product and letting the product speak for itself. Use reviewed extensions on your product ads.


I would highly recommend that you invest in taking great quality pictures of your products


You also have to make sure that you have a dedicated SSL don’t use a shared SSL they’re cheaper but then that limits your tracking and tracking for retargeting ads and for optimizing your marketing is critical to spend some money but get a dedicated SSL.

Also now that Google Chrome is specifically identifying sites that are using SSL and they’re secure virus sites. If you have a secure website that is relevancy or a ranking signal for Google to rank your site higher organically.


Information and Product data specifications play a very important role so you can’t run a feed that doesn’t have any images or missing key points of information. It can take energy and a lot of effort, but it can pay dividends.

How to properly optimize the products: a little bit more the title of the product should be applicable, you can also start to use some keyword research terms or your different keywords that you’ve looked for. Use your keywords within the title don’t stuff the title with keywords just keep it simple.


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