Enterprise AI in Small Business:


In an age of disruption where industries are getting transformed, the small companies are slowly emerging and capturing market share and establishing their brand. While enterprise ai is still a new terminology buzzword for many, there is no denying the recent AI and machine learning concept heavily dependent on the vast amount of data.

There are many data analytics predictions and how they will shape AI enterprise architecture and machine learning shortly. The inception of artificial intelligence into the world of technology raised several questions across minds.

This new wave of Artificial intelligence for enterprise saga has raised debates about its future and the role it is assumed to play in business models. Experts say treat AI as an innovation for business initiative and not a technical speciality.

The need of the hour is training team members to identify problems that AI can solve. Usually, AI-driven enterprises search out data scientists with in-depth knowledge of their business. The perfect approach would be teaching employees about identifying problems that AI can solve and then training them to create their models as per requirements.

AI technology traits make this new technology highly valuable throughout many industries. Artificial intelligence is an indispensable ally. As we all know, Artificial intelligence is also changing customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The emergence of popular software like Salesforce or Zoho requires human intervention to remain accurate and up to date.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence’s versatility within the financial sector is a landmark achievement. Enterprise AI enabled the paradigm shifts as to how the right information finds the right user at the right time.

In general, Artificial intelligence enterprise architecture is a supporting tool. An individual can use enterprise artificial intelligence solutions to help the game out of possible consequences. Usually, small businesses have two big questions: what exactly could I use AI for and how would I implement it with the resources at my disposal? Enterprise AI companies usually offer these Enterprise AI solutions: 

  1. Automating Candidate Recruitment
  2. Improving Support Availability
  3. Small Business Web Hosting
  4. Streamlined Customer Support
  5. Accelerate Administrative Tasks
  6. Improving Recruitment and HR activities
  7. Automate Customer Service and Communications
  8. Improving Sales and Marketing Efforts
  9. Build With Balance
  10. Start Small
  11. Set Up a Pilot Project with experts
  12. Acknowledge the Internal Capability Gap
  13. Prioritize Concrete Value
  14. Identify the Problems
  15. Get Familiar With AI

Below listed are some of the steps that small business enterprise can they can adopt with help of Enterprise AI vendors:

  1. Integrate third-party applications and boost the productivity of the current workforce.
  2. Gradually move the business processes towards a flexible model with Enterprise AI-powered applications.
  3. Identify any constant business problem that can provide a good ROI for its solution with Enterprise AI services.
  4. Adopt enterprise AI architecture with the following 3-step process:
  • Define business expectations and needs from AI based on your current business profile.
  • Measure the progress of your business against relevant baselines.
  • Decide on the outcome of your experiment as it can be either success or failure.


As discussed a small business can leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence in various business platforms.  A report by Accenture Institute for High Performance recently released a research paper saying that, by 2035, Enterprise AI adoption has the probabilities of doubling annual economic growth rates in many developed countries.

The inception of Enterprise AI software in the industry has resulted in the implementation of tested and successful methods to achieve higher business goals. While start-ups are continually gaining a competitive edge through AI, big corporations provide the platform to build innovative solutions. The journey from serving as a robot in a manufacturing unit to self-driven cars to voice-activated resources in complicated medical procedures, Enterprise AI today has become an essential part of reality.