Facebook Dashboard

A Facebook dashboard is an insightful device that allows you to view and examine important KPIs about your business profile and its presentation. It is anything but the first perspective on your by and large Facebook procedure, upon which you can base your future decisions and take vital steps.
The world’s biggest online media network has its own regulations for measurements and best practices to follow that will enable you to get the most ideal results from natural, paid, and viral posts. While you can easily control the results on the Facebook page itself, a complete Facebook dashboard can give an unmistakable overview of all the measures required for a fruitful Facebook technique. By examining the dashboard, the insights gained can give an unmistakable sign of where more resources need to be applied, how better results can be achieved, and, what generally matters, whether my Facebook technique is on the right track.
The highest point of our Facebook Page dashboard model is dedicated to overall Facebook Page engagement. In the Number of Fans tab, you can quickly see how many you have gained or lost. If the quantities of these measurements are basically high, you should break them down and use these insights for future posts. The following measurement, Page Views, shows the total and likewise presents the number of unique prospects your page has acquired, so you do not have to manage broadcasts from different records – all the information can be presented in a single dashboard. The total number of actions and page likes give additional experience: The juxtaposition with the past time period and the newly acquired likes clearly demonstrates the sort of reactions and distinction individuals have in regards to your page. Be that as it may, how about we dig much deeper.
To not just limit yourself to this information, you can likewise play out the investigation of your Audience Growth, and from which nations your fans come. The sources of page views show the particular channel your prospects are coming from, and you can even break this information down to a daily, weekly, monthly, or specifically designed time frame. The total number of actions on the page can show whether your snaps are being received via get headings (from individuals close to you) or website clicks, for example.
The bottom of the dashboard is devoted to the socioeconomics of individuals connected to your page. You can unmistakably isolate fans by age and sexual orientation, by language, or by country. These measurements are important because you need to tailor your page to the explicit needs of your intended audience.
Last but not least, you can choose the time period you want your information to be displayed – no serious action or limiting your information to 28 days. With just a few clicks, you can have all the visuals prepared to showcase the entire intricacies of the page on one platform, to your customers or insiders.