3 Best Free Online File Converters for All Formats

3 Best Free Online File Converters for All Formats

Ever got a file that can’t be opened using the current program you have on your computer? Many a time we receive files or create files which need to be converted to a different format for compatibility purposes and this is where free online file converters come in for help.

With these online file converters; you can convert from DOC to PDF, PNG to JPG, JPG to ICO, MP3 to WAV, documents and more. Today, if you want to convert an image, let’s say for instance from JPG to ICO, you can do this in a very easier way using the JPG to ICO converter. The good thing is that, you don’t have to install the software, you can just convert from JPG to ICO online which takes a few minutes and you are done.

If you are wondering how you can convert that document, image, file or a video this post is for you. We have highlighted the best free online file converters for various types of file conversion. Using these file converters, you can convert numerous file formats in one spot so you don’t have to browse the web looking for sites to convert your files.

Pick the one that serves your needs and you will enjoy using it.

1. Online-Convert.com

This is one of the best free online file converters out there. Online-convert.com allows you to check for supported file formats before you decide to convert your file. This type of file converter is very helpful especially if you want to convert numerous file formats. In the small box under “Free Online file converter” select the output format of your file and then hit Go.

You will then be directed to a new window where you will be required to upload your file from your computer or tablet or enter URL of the file you want to convert. Once you upload or enter the URL of the file, click Convert File and your file will be converted. The process takes a few minutes and your converted file will be downloaded to your computer. It is good to ensure you have a storage location for all your work so that after the file is downloaded, you know where to find it.

2. CoolUtils Online Image Converter

CoolUtils Online Image Converter, like the name suggests, is a pure online image converter. Meaning, it can only help you for image conversion purposes unlike the above, which can convert numerous file formats. The good thing about this converter is that there are no downloads required, everything is done online. With this tool, you can convert BMP, ICO, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. Another incredible thing about this image converter is that it provides you with an opportunity to resize and rotate your image before you convert it and it is compatible with most current hardware and software.

3. Zamzar

Another free online file converter is Zamzar that helps you to check the popular conversion types on the main page for you to know whether you can use it to convert your files.

This file converter provides you with a step by step procedure. First, you select the files from your computer or enter the URL of the file you wish to convert, the next step is to choose the output format, then enter your email address where the converted file will be sent and click convert. You will see that Zamzar takes a different approach unlike other free online file converters in that it requires you to enter your email address while the others don’t. The converted files are just downloaded to your computer.

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