Top 5 websites Get paid to write articles

get paid to write articles

The best way to writing business from the comfort of your own home depends upon knowing or seeking the best website that get paid to write articles.
The demand for such kind websites is growing, and peoples are always want to get the latest information time to time to for the website that pays to share and contribute your articles. The main problem is, not many people access that website the make money writing articles. In this article, you will get know Top 5 websites where you go up and get paid to write articles on this website you earn event up to $800 a month. It depends on the quality of your work such as you’re are a professional creative or business writer you will earn on these websites up to $2000

Now we discuss the top 5 websites get paid to write articles:

1.Writers Weekly 

Every year, purchase articles. Writersweekly has distributed the article to freelancer across the globe every Wednesday.


Niche/Category: Creative Writing

Amount per Post: $50

Payment Method: Unspecified

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes

These 600 words articles are aimed at helping writer earn good amount of cash for their expertise. For each article, they pay $50 to the writer.

in below link click to get more info and write an article to make money.


ACHS get paid to write article graduates, students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit an article or blog post for the ACHS blog. This website does not accept any guest post that is irrelevant to an ACHS community.


Category: Health
Amount per Post: $50
Payment Method: Undefined
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
The website prefers articles about general health and wellbeing with a 600-1,000. The payment method is $50 for each article and the payments are made within 30 days of publication of articles click below link to get more info

 3.Doctor of Credit

This website looking for a fresh or new writer here, at the moment they have required top staff writers that help give a different perspective in deals and consumer credit.


Niche/Category: Finance/ credit cards
Amount per Post: $50
Payment Method: Unspecified
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
This website requires a writer to submit complete articles instead of short versions and pay $50 for each article.

4.Funds For Writer is an online resource writer website. We highlight finding money to make writing a really a good career. Sure your are write anyway. That is the best way any writer to get paid to write articles.
There are many websites provide complete guidance on how to write, how to query, how to format and so on. They give the direction on the funding streams. They focus on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers and jobs for your writing abilities, with motive chucked in.


Category: Writing
Amount per Post: $40-$45
Payment Method: Paypal/Check
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
As visible from the name, the website’s approach is associated with helping writers to earn funds from their writings. The area of their writings covers the success stories and practical advice from professionals around the globe. Through Check, you will be able to earn $45 for every article and $50 from Paypal.

5.The Penny Hoarder

This website looking professional freelance writers who have unique ideas earn money. they here to have a professional expert writer, especially if you can share some strategies and advice.


Niche/Category: Finance
Amount per Post: $75-$800
Payment Method: Paypal
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
This website is a finance blog and accepts articles regarding earning, saving, and investing money. The basic purpose of the platform is to assist readers in growing their income. The word range is 700-800 for the articles and you have to decide the payment method of with the editor. It also provides you with bonuses up to $800.

i hope this article helps those people who have a little bit skill and that easily earn more at your home and you earn money social media platform such as Pinterest click here 

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  1. Thanks for the article! It has useful information! I was curious in the past days how i can have an income online.I have no skills and knowledge and I would like you to tell me your opinion about a site I discovered, which promising income just to write articles.

    The reviews I have read about this site are excellent but I have learned in my life to always ask someone, expert, first before i go on anything.If you can check this site and tell me your point of view, I would be obliged to you, as I’m in a hurry to start 🙂

    Again your article was great.


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