Here’s How You Can Get More Views On Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are getting more creative bit by bit, every other day, a new feature rolls out aim to improve either engagement or to better your design game. All those, willing to take Instagram game to next level,  should consider keeping an eye out on the latest trend so that their  Instagram stories can stay on point!

There are a lot of things you need to experiment with, from interactive story stickers to responsive AR filters, but how to employ them to get more views is the real question! To answer this and all other thoughts coming into your head will be resolved as today’s article sheds details on all the latest trends you should know to make the most from your Instagram stories.

Tips and Tricks to gain more story views

Putting into consideration all perks platform offers for businesses, the brand should go the extra mile to pave the way towards continuous growth on Instagram, besides opting for some organic methods to gain an impression, buy Instagram followers to give a newly created brand an instant exposure. This will also help to gain more views on your Instagram stories and boost engagement too.

1. Change Instagram story background

If you want to change the background of color, simply tap the draw tool appearing in the upper right-hand corner and select a color. Now, hold on to the screen for one to three seconds. If you have just created a new story, the whole screen will automatically fill with color, creating a layer of hue on top of the photo or video.

2. Add an effect to your emojis

If you want to add more flavor to emojis, this trick is for you. Open the stories, tap the screen to open the text tool, this will add extra depth and glow to your emoji! Now check all fonts until you find your preferred style.

Apart from this, add brand fonts to your stories. The trick does wonders to make your content more brand-centric. For that consider downloading an app, commonly known as, ‘ over’.

3. Add multiple photos to Instagram story

Adding more photos to your Instagram stories can help keep the audience hooked for quite a long time. To do so, tap the story sticker tray, select the photo from the camera roll, change the size, and place wherever you’d like. Here are 17 top sites to buy Instagram followers

Besides this, you can also copy and paste images from the camera roll. Just open a photo from the camera roll, tap the export button. At the top of the Instagram story, tap copy. To paste the photo, double-tap the screen.  Now, the photo you copied earlier will be in front of you, repeat the process for as many pictures as you want.

4. Turn live photos into Boomerangs

The simple trick can make your photos more fun. Open the Instagram story icon, pick a live photo from the camera roll. Once you’ve selected the eligible photo, press on the screen for a couple of seconds until a boomerang appears.  Note: the hack is only for IOs users.

5. Create a video with perfect Instagram story length

Any photo you upload as a story will only appear for five seconds but if you add a video, it will last for 15 seconds. There is also a way to upload a longer video to grab the attention of the audience for an extended period. If the video is longer than 15 seconds, split the entire video into the 15-second segment. You’ll also have to add more GIFs, stickers, and text to each 15-second-long segment.