How To Get Adsense Account Approved Fast

How To Get Adsense Account Approved Fast

Getting Adsense account approved is not the same as compared with the last 3-4 years when Google was accepting low-quality content and new registrations. Therefore, what works last year might not work next year, Google is constantly altering its policies. To get Adsense account approved fast you must first know that there is no trick or shortcut, only smart and accurate procedure will get it done. In this article, I will be speaking how to get Adsense account approved fast, my experience, tips, and procedure I did to get my Adsense account approved. And, what I have observed.

How To Get Adsense Account Approved Fast

#1. A Wide Gap Between Context(Text) And Images

You may know, Google loves quality content but some people are not clear what is meant by quality. Quality Content is a combination of text and rich media to portray a precise answer, topic or solution to the user inquiry. To make approved at Adsense legitimately, There should be a close margin of the amount of text and images on Your website/blog.

When Adsense team is reviewing your website they look at how much images you have compared with how much text your website entails. This derives the quality of your website. If you only have plain text with no images, then that can be a ‘dead’ website. By placing images in your website will not only give your visitor a better knowledge it will more tell Google that “Hey, But It also has an image lets creep that page also immensely’ At first when I was applying for Adsense my website has a balanced amount of image and text. it seems like a website people can interface with and Your website should be the same.

#2. Domain Age

To get Adsense account approved fast legitimately, The age of your domain means a lot to Adsense. That determines the trust level and domain authority from your website. Obviously, that older the age of this domain is the more likely You will pass the approval. Most People want to get Adsense to account fast, some want the account to be approved within 1 hour even 1 minute!. Like serious.

When I got approved for Adsense, I was using a free domain and a free web hosting the domain name age was old enough. To get Adsense account approved fast legitimately make sure Your domain is at least 1 month old or even less but You must comply fully with Google’s guideline.

#3. Your Website’s Niche Competition Is High

Over the past few years, any website could have easily been approval back then because of the small portion of the website that was available. As time goes by, more and more websites are being created every day. Did You know that Technology websites are the most created type of website on the Internet?. Yes and it continues every day with Adsense, more people are sending an application to Google for the same kind of niche website that has a large portion of the Internet and Google’s budget.

It’s also harder for Google to allow a tech website or a similar website that has a large majority of the Internet with the same, redundant information. Google hate this because it’s the same content that is spreading across this website with little to no changes. Google has enough of this kind of website that has their trust and reliability. Google has already banned some sites like 123netflix which don’t follow Google’s rules.

I am not saying that Google will not approve a tech blog or an entertainment news etc website, no– It will be much harder for it to be approved saving it suggests something different, unique and special to the table.

To get Adsense account approved fast legitimately, try and start from a less competitive niche and build your way up then you can use your Adsense on Your high competitive website (that complies with Google’s guideline.) then Google has Your trust.

#4. Adequate Amount Of Internal And External Links

If The Google Adsense approval team means reviewing your website they look at how much links you have on your website. External links refer to how many websites you are pointing to internal links are the number of links that en-cycles within your website.

When I just got started with my website(not this one) I had a good amount of external links, not plenty but I was pointing too high and trusted websites like, etc and a few internal links that send users to another part of my website. To got Adsense account approved fast legitimately, Internal links and external links should be balanced, not enough nor plenty. This also increases Your bounce rate.

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When Google sees a website that has 100 links that are sending out and the PageRank is 1-0 it seems spammy, and Adsense will not approve of you. Well, sometimes your site gets banned by Google if use any illegal data like there are many free online movie streaming sites are using.


#5. Domain Name

To get Adsense account approved fast legitimately, The domain name plays a huge part. Firstly, a domain title should not belong also should not contain Sexually preferences. Google Adsense will not approve You if they see Your domain name only targets a particular incidence.

If Google somehow crawl the internet and sees a domain name/s  that are quite similar and it offers sustainable and repetitive Information, they will least likely to approve your Adsense account

#6. Make Sure You Have An About, Privacy Policy And Contact Page

Your website should consist of all these pages it should be placed on your navigation menu or footer -easy navigation.

About sheet – A brief description of your website or yourself. That purpose also reason for your website and what your  aim to deliver

Privacy Policy – This should entail what information you collect from your visitors upon registration. Also a brief concept of your user privacy.A detailed cookie used condition. How you defend your user information and what you use the information for.

Contact Page – Generally speaking, every business should have a contact page


#7. All You  Want Is Money

Google happens really smarter than you think, they will know if you created a website for solely money or not. Put it this way, Google will identify all the flaws and loopholes within your website and can look straight through your website. How does Google know if all you want is money?

  • Y’all spent little so no time on Your website
  • Y’all Rush Your website Design, content and layout t
  • Y’all make a set of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Y’all have no knowledge and passion for what You are writing about
  • Y’all Applied for Adsense just after You r register You r domain

To get Adsense account approved fast legitimately, You should follow your heart, soul, and passion. Do not do it for the money only but for the pleasure of others and the benefit of Yourself. If you have established a profound foundation then You can do business. ”Do it as Your audience” if you are not making someone else’s life better then You are wasting Your time.


Don’t let anyone sell you  Adsense account, it will eventually get banned. Applying to Youtube Adsense account is completely different when you apply for Website/Blog. If you do apply for Adsense from Youtube, you will have a hosted account and if you then need to get a sense for your website you will need to move passed by that” submit your website more wait because of review process’ regularly. Don’t apply more than once. Finally, though, make sure there are no broken links within your website.