How to start digital marketing

how to start digital marketing

Are you ready to discover how to start digital marketing and generate a steady stream of new customers and sales every day regardless of your products, price point and marketplace using digital marketing? Or Are you ready to discover how to start and grow a high-profit Online Business using digital marketing and go from $0 to $1,000 to $10,000 monthly with a year?

Take this from me, it is imperative: A lot of newly emerging digital marketers never had hands-on experience in digital marketing. They felt that they had gotten the skill and knowledge perhaps in using one or two digital marketing tools and for that reason, you go ahead how to start digital marketing.

The chances that you will do well are very slim. No matter the knowledge and skills you have acquired, you need to work with digital marketing tools and techniques.

How to start digital marketing before setting up below concept are clear.

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List of How to Start Digital Marketing

  • Set Clear Goals
  • Find Your Focus
  • Get yourself online
  • Go Social
  • Network
  • Partnership
  • Become vastly experienced in critical aspects of digital marketing
  • Generate Quality Leads
  • So, What do You do Next And Where Do We Go From Here?

Steps of How to Start Digital Marketing?

Step 1: Set Clear Goals

how to start digital marketing

To be the resounding success that we both know you can be, you’re going to need clear goals to work towards. Because without a goal, it’s hard to score.

The fact you’re here and looking to starting digital marketing, suggests of your goals is money. But your goals can be anything else that excites you or drives you forward.

In all honesty, you should be taking what Google executives call Moonshots. Where you don’t look at goals regarding attainable, you look at them as aspirational. Where you set yourself something above, and beyond, what you think you can achieve.

But on a more actionable level, it pays to set your business goals using SMART. Because, as boring and unoriginal as it sounds, it works at all levels. If you’ve never set a SMART Goal, here’s how it should look:

  • Specific: Be clear about what you want to do. Replace vague terms like, “be the best in the industry” with “Generate N10,000,000 in sales from retail companies”.
  • Measurable: This is answering the question, “How will I know when I’ve achieved it?”.
  • Attainable: This is normally Achievable, but as research found, having aspirational goals here is far more beneficial. Try adding 20-25% onto what you think you can achieve, and you’ll find you’re hitting goals faster than ever.
  • Relevant: By the same token, know what’s within your reach. Landing N1,000,000 worth of work probably won’t happen in your first year. But, over five years, why the heck not?
  • Time-Based: Set a clear, specific, time frame to achieve your goal in. This can be a short, medium or long term, depending on the goal you’re setting.

Step 2: Find Your Focus

how to start digital marketing

Goals allow you to focus your time and effort. But, this level of focus is about who you’re going to focus those time and efforts with. This step is where you get to know your audience and how to start digital marketing, who they are and what makes them tick.

A great brand – as you’ll read about next – delivers a specific set of ideas to a specific type of person. And, it’s your job to decide who you’re trying to appeal to.

Who is it that you want to work with, and why? Is it small independent businesses.

Now when you’re at the beginning of the road, it’s tempting to try and appeal to everybody. Because you want money in your bank account and clients under your belt. Feeling that way is normal, so don’t worry about it. Just don’t give into it.

Try and answer these questions to give yourself a little more focus and clarity on what it is that you’re trying to build, and who for:

  • What is your niche? Who is it that you want to work with, and why? Is it small independent businesses, Fortune 500 companies, fashion brands? Knowing this will help you narrow down where you go looking for contracts.
  • Who do you want to appeal to? Are you here for the geeks, the wizards, the whizz-kids, the hardened professionals or the new kids on the block? This will help you find the people you’ll associate with, and how you’ll begin to build a loveable brand.
  • What makes you unique? There are thousands of agencies out there, so what is it that makes you different? What do you (or will you) value, care about or do differently to others?

Step 3: Get yourself online.

how to start digital marketing

Okay, I’m not going to teach you to chew nuts here. You’re in internet marketing, and you know you have to have a website to start generating

income. But, what you don’t have to do is break the bank.

Building a website is a prerequisite.

Did you know that a website is the most importanaspect of digital marketing?

how to start digital marketing

A good website not only reflects your business brand, but it also offers high-quality content and is easy-to-navigate.

Your website is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy because all other digital marketing elements direct guests to your website, which should effectively convert guests. Elements of website design that generate conversions are using best SEO practices and tools, having a great user experience, and capitalizing on the wealth of analytics websites offer.

Before you get started with your digital marketing, It’s very necessary that you have a working and dynamic website.

I’ve previously covered how to build a website or blog, click the link for more details.

There are different companies where you can get the domain name of your site registered. For instance, I have been using Findigitaltools in registering all of my domain names and trust me; it has been awesome dealing with Findigitaltools.

You also have to host your website with any good hosting company to make the process complete.

However, a WordPress CMS is what I always used to build a website for my business. Using WordPress site is easy and seamless, but if you haven’t used it before, you will spend some time learning how to use the platform to get going with your agency website.

Further, the kind of theme you use in building your WordPress website also account. The theme you use should communicate professionalism. I often search for themes on ThemeForest; you can also use One Paper Themes.


Create a professional email address

Creating a professional email is essential. You don’t need to start using your email.

An example of a professional email is “hello@localhost.”

So you need a real company email address where clients and prospects can reach you. Now, the way you set up a personal email account is entirely different from the way to create a company email address.

Step 5: Go Social

how to start digital marketing

A key piece of the puzzle for agencies, since the social-age boom in 2008, is to have social media channels in place. But they aren’t just there for you to be like, “Oh hey, we know how to use Twitter!”. Instead, they’re there for:

  • Marketing: It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s word of mouth. You can share anything from offers, to blog posts and any other materials that might drive people your way.
  • Customer Engagement: You can deal with (and be seen to be dealing with) complaints. See what people are saying about your service. And, just become a more human brand to anyone who finds you online.
  • Lead Generation: It might not be the most successful tactic for finding new clients, but they are out there. Having a strong social media presence improves your chances of finding them, too.

Don’t worry about canvassing all the social media channels, though. Focus on just one (or two, if you’ve hired staff) to focus on. You’ll get more traffic, engagement and leads from the one really strong profile, than two mediocre ones

Step 6: Network

how to start digital marketing

Your biggest opportunities and clients will often come from chance meetings. Attend every conference, connect with everybody on social media, always have your eyes peeled for an opportunity. I’ve landed some of my biggest deals in the most unexpected ways. You have no idea where your next big client is going to come from.

Step 7: Partnership

Partnership in most businesses usually work, you can partner with any firm that has a competitive advantage in a particular niche or area. For instance, I have an Indian partner; we do things together. Sometimes, I give him some website jobs to do for me when am indisposed.

The partnership may not be essential at the preliminary stage, but in the long run, you will get more sales.

Step 8: Become vastly experienced in critical aspects of digital marketing.

how to start digital marketing

Digital marketing is not making your website just visible; do not get restricted to getting found on the first page of search engine result. It goes beyond that. Part of your job should be to offer a broad range of digital marketing services that could be of value to customers and prospects.

It could be to run a digital marketing campaign, SEO services, email marketing services, or copywriting.

Step 9: Generate Quality Leads

This is an aspect you can never do without; your leads bring forth the money to your business. There are many ways you can go about this. It depends on how much effort you intend to invest in this area. You can source for emails through LinkedIn. You can also get leads from organic traffic source; you can also use paid advertising.

So, What do You do Next And Where Do We Go From Here?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m sure you got so much value, and you are excited to implement and get your hands dirty on one or 2 of the things you read. You probably also have questions/ thoughts/ideas and more and want to keep up the momentum.