Laptops are getting smarter, shorter, and powerful. But here’s what’s next!

Laptops are getting smarter, shorter, and powerful. But here’s what’s next

Laptops are getting smarter, shorter, and powerful. But here’s what’s next!

Merely a decade ago, a powerful computing device would have taken the space of an entire room. Today, these machines are so enviously compact, they can be carried in our pockets or backpacks, without breaking a sweat. Not to mention, they’re ultra-powerful too.

Users demand sleek and compact machines that offer a wholesome experience. With this, leading OEMs are now focusing on making their products more efficient without being limited by either the form or the factor.

The coming together of these two dynamics ensure ground-breaking innovation in the consumer notebook space. Thus, as laptops continue to get thinner, shorter, smarter, and more powerful, let’s take a look at what’s in stores for us.

Versatile 2-in-1 convertible laptops for diverse needs

Thin and light and easily portable, the 2-in-1 detachable laptops continue to grow in their prominence, building a strong mind share amongst the youth of today. Giving them the liberty of detaching the laptop and simply using the screen like a tablet, such laptops clearly define the future of computing prowess in India and across the globe.

One of the top contenders in this category happens to be Microsoft Surface Pro 6. The Windows 10 laptop is powered by 7th-generation Intel Core processor. Performing top-notch in various productivity tasks, the laptop is an excellent choice for everyday use. The agile and versatile laptop gives users everything that they would need from an ultra-portable laptop.

An ultra-light powerhouse of performance

The digital natives of today look for power-packed experiences from their laptops. They are in the pursuit of a unified experience that integrates the leading tech advancements of today.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme is one such powerhouse that doesn’t compromise on performance, providing multi-monitor support, a rich MR/VR experience, and intensive gaming sessions. It also packs in a powerful battery and superior specs that run the whole show. Furthermore, it can be upgraded to a 4K touchscreen with Dolby Vision, for an even more immersive experience.

Dual Screen Laptops: The next big thing in consumer technology space

Two screens packed in a single laptop definitely sounds like the future. But what if we tell you that Toshiba, in 2010 had the first tryst with a dual-screen laptop, the Libretto W100. It was a cross between a tablet and a full-fledged notebook and ran on Windows 7.

Laptops are getting smarter, shorter, and powerful. But here’s what’s next! 1

However, the device was a limited-edition product which explains why it couldn’t pick up pace in the global market. More so, because the technology was far too advanced for us at a time when the smartphones had just started becoming a thing.

Later, Apple equipped its MacBook lineup with a TouchBar and while its nature is debatable, it does provide additional touch controls according to the program that’s running. However, it’s still not a dual-screen experience.

Leading players like ASUS and HP are making this future a reality for passionate gamers, multitasking professionals, content creators and editors who demand more from their machines. HP’s Omen X 2S is already available in India and Asus is gearing up to bring its ZenBook Pro Duo to the country in the next few weeks.

ZenBook Pro Duo by ASUS is one of the top contenders for dual-screen laptops, offering users an ultra-high-end dual-screen experience. The primary screen is a 15.6-inch long touchscreen with 16:9 4K UHD resolution and the second screen measures 14-inch with a 32:9 aspect ratio and 4K resolution. Asus calls it ScreenPad Plus and it is parked directly above the keyboard.

As the primary screen serves the key function, say playing an action-packed game or editing a video, the secondary screen can be used for other important tasks, for instance, zooming in on the map for easily navigating the game or streaming one’s Spotify playlist in the background.

There are many functions associated with the second screen and while it will demand a learning curve, Asus will help buyers adjust to the new form factor through a pre-loaded guide on using the second screen efficiently.