The best cheap gaming chair in September 2021

The best cheap gaming chair in September 2021
The best cheap gaming chair in September 2021
Even cheap gaming chairs can make all the difference when you’re enjoying longer playing sessions. While regular desk chairs can be designed to prioritize long-term comfort, it’s the racerback design that draws many towards the bucket-style of the gaming chair.

Finding a gaming chair that marries attention to ergonomics and a gaming aesthetic can often run you into the $500 / £500 price bracket. However, as long as you’re picking up a comfortable place to park your rear and all the necessary adjustments to ensure proper ergonomics, you can easily shave plenty of cash off that price tag.

Cheap gaming chairs can still offer supreme comfort and that supportive backrest without breaking past $200 / £200. Plus, with gaming chair sales bringing those prices even further down there’s always a bargain to be found as well. You’ll find all the best cheap gaming chairs right here, as well as all the lowest prices from around the web as well.

We’d also recommend keeping an eye on the upcoming Labor Day sales and back-to-school sales for more discounts as well.

The best cheap gaming chair sales

cheap gaming chair sales deals

1. Brazen Phantom Elite

The best cheap gaming chair that won’t break the bank

Recline: 160 degrees | Weight capacity: 264lbs | Available colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink | Upholstery: PU leather | Seat height: 110 – 120cm | Arm rests: 4D

Full larger size
Highly adjustable 
Steel frame

The Brazen Phantom Elite offers a cheap gaming chair that manages to nail a number of higher-end features while coming in at a fraction of the price of other more premium models. You’re getting a full size here, which is a bonus considering other budget chairs seem to cut the length of the back support. Here, however, taller players will be able to make good use of the included headrest and wider seat size as well.

Not only that, but the armrests can swivel to accommodate a range of positions whereas other cheap gaming chairs tend to only offer up and down adjustments to slot a chair neatly underneath a desk.

That makes for a far more comfortable session, especially if you’re using the smaller keyboard which would ordinarily have your arms placed within the rests themselves.

The design also features a unique diamond pattern across the racing style back, with quilted foam offering additional support on top of the adjustable lumbar support pillow. A steel frame running throughout the chair ensures durability here as well, where cheap gaming chairs usually opt for a plastic structure to keep those costs down.

cheap gaming chairs SecretLab

2. Secretlab Titan

A great gaming chair with regular deals

Recline: 165 degrees | Weight capacity: 290lbs | Available colors: Black, Cookies & Cream, Charcoal Blue | Upholstery: Fabric / leather | Seat height: 19.5 – 23 inches | Arm rests: 4D

Extremely comfortable
Durable leather
Cooling memory foam
Can be expensive when not on sale

The Secretlab Titan isn’t exactly what you’d call a cheap gaming chair. However, we regularly see gaming chair deals hitting this model, which means if you’re shopping at the right time you can find some excellent prices on a high-end seat.

The Titan values comfort over that classic-gamer aesthetic, which you’ll notice particularly in the slightly more premium fabric version. Both the fabric and PU leather models offer a fantastic 50cm seat depth though, with cold cure memory foam cushioning.

There’s no additional lumbar support cushion to tack onto the chair here, instead, you’re getting an inbuilt system with adjustable firmness. That does mean you won’t be able to shift the position of that support like you would in a chair that offers an additional pillow, however.

The cooling memory foam head pillow is detachable and offers an extra layer of premium cushioning which will come in particularly handy while you’re making the most of that 165-degree recline.

cheap gaming chairs deals sales

3. GTPlayer gaming chair

A cheap gaming chair that covers the basics

Recline: 150 degrees | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Available colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White | Upholstery: PU leather

Low price point
Wide range of colors is available
Large weight capacity
Less recline

The GTPlayer is one of the cheapest gaming chairs you’ll find on the internet, largely because it’s the stock racer back chair that many seem to land on after an Amazon search. Nevertheless, it actually represents great value, with a comfortable seat cushion, 300lbs weight capacity, and up to 150 degree recline.

You’re dropping a little adjustability on the armrests as this only moves up and down, but you are trading that in for a nifty little footrest that can fold away once you’re done reclining as well.

Overall, this is an excellent budget gaming chair for those who want the basics of comfort and that gaming aesthetic without breaking out the big bucks. Plus, there are plenty of accent colors to choose from as well, which means you’ll find one to suit your setup easily.

cheap gaming chair deals sales corsair

4. Corsair T3 Rush

A cheap fabric gaming chair with plenty of features

Recline: 180 degrees | Weight capacity: 265lbs | Available colors: Charcoal / Gray / White | Upholstery: Fabric | Seat height: 17.5 – 21 inches | Arm rests: 4D

Excellent recline
Breathable, cooling fabric
Lumbar support doesn’t attach to the chair

Corsair’s range of seats is regularly featured in gaming chair deals, which means you can often do even better than the $399 / £299 MSRP of this particular model.

That’s good news if you’re after a comfortable, ergonomic chair that merely nods towards its gaming aesthetic. There’s no colored lining here, and simple fabric upholstery that would look just as good in a home office as it would on a Twitch stream.

That upholstery is a breathable fabric that won’t retain as much heat as a PU leather model, making for a cooler and softer overall experience.

The headline here, though, is that 180-degree recline. If you’ve ever needed a quick nap while at your desk, this is the chair you’d want to be sleeping in. You’ll achieve a fully horizontal position here, which is a rarity in the world of cheap gaming chairs.

The T3 Rush is built with a slimmer profile, though, which means those with a larger frame might not find it so comfortable. Plus, that memory foam lumbar support cushion – while large – doesn’t attach to the chair itself, which means those who tend to lean forwards might need to invest in a replacement to avoid it falling down during play sessions.

cheap gaming chair sales corsair

5. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Best cheap gaming chair for firmer cushions

Recline: 170 degrees | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Available colors: Black / Red / White / Blue / Yellow | Upholstery: PU leather | Seat height: 20.2 – 23.6 inches | Arm rests: 4D

Designed for big and tall
Larger weight capacity
Comfortable across all sizes
Firmer cushioning might not be to taste

If you’re after a wider set seat than the Corsair T3 Rush, the T2 Road Warrior might be a better fit. Designed for the big and tall crowd, this durable seat will be comfortable for a wide range of sizes and shapes.

The cushioning here is a little firmer than other chairs, so those who prefer a plush parking spot will be better off with the Secretlab Titan instead. However, with fully adjustable armrests, and a good seat height scale, there’s plenty to love in this chunkier build.