Things to be Considered While Buying DSLR Camera

Things to be Considered While Buying DSLR Camera

Things to be Considered While Buying DSLR Camera.

Earlier, it was a notion that DSLRs are only meant for professional photographers. However, standing in 2018, this idea is no more valid. According to a survey, more than 55% of sales in DSLRs are coming from amateur photographers. In fact, in every ten people in urban cities, three tends to have these cameras.

Main factors contributing to this increase in sales:

  1. Smartphones seem to play an important role in introducing photography on a bigger level.
  2. Millennials opt for these cameras to add a professional touch to their images.
  3. Feasible price is also a reason. Even a decade back, users spared a thought before making the final purchase. However, a good number of users are frequently buying this product today, thanks to the availability of DSLRs on No Cost EMI.


If you are one of those photographic fanatics having a mind to buy a DSLR camera this season, read through the following points to make the most of your high-end purchase.

Things to be Considered While Buying DSLR Camera

1. Grade of DSLR

There are varieties of DSLRs offering superior image quality, modular capabilities with perceptive designs. So, in reality, these cameras cover a broad range of features that are often intended to cater to specific goals.


You can choose the appropriate one based on your criteria and love for photography. Check out the options:

Entry Level- Entry level DSLRs are apt if you are someone new to it. The term ‘entry-level’ doesn’t mean compromising with the image quality. It’s just more user-friendly and has automated options for better first-time user experience.

Usually, the entry-level DSLRs start from Rs. 25,000 and you can buy the camera on EMI to do away with financial stress.

Intermediate- DSLRs from this category are mostly sold as intermediate cameras. These are continually evolving and expanding with the inclusion of new features. Intermediate DSLRs tend to merge both automatic shooting modes and other creative modes backed up by a set of manual controls.

Upgrade an entry-level camera to the intermediate if you already own one. It is a great way to hone your photography skills.


Professional- Lastly, if you are in search of the flagship cameras to get the highest quality, superior physical build, speed, and sensitivity buy professional DSLRs. It typically features full-frame-size and image processors to capture and retain every detail of a picture.

These cameras with the advanced autofocus feature are apt for wildlife photography, professional photo-shoots and more. However, many shutterbugs deter themselves from buying such cameras considering the hefty price tag.

If you too are worried about the budget, you can look for pre-approved offers from various financial institutions and Things to be Considered While Buying DSLR Camera

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2. Lens

The camera’s compatible system with lens seems to be another important key to consider. This is because lenses play a crucial role in augmenting the quality of images. Not to forget, the camera body may change, but lenses are forever.

Figure out what type of camera and lens are compatible with your purpose. Think long-term if you are going to invest a substantial amount for this purchase.

3. Sensor size

In digital photography, the image sensor signifies the size and shape of the picture. DSLRs nowadays have two main image sensors – full frame and APS-C.

The latter is found in most of the cameras and conducive for capturing sports, wildlife, etc. where the longer focal length is necessary. On the other hand, the full-frame sensor offers detailed image quality with greater tonal fluency.

Things to remember:

  1. Don’t make yourself too much confused by caring about megapixels. Megapixel is not the sole thing that makes a picture’s quality superior. Moreover, if you are going to be an episodic user of your DSLR, avoid high megapixels.
  2. Majority of the users nowadays have interests in still photography as compared to videos. However, it is best to go for the ones which offer at least HD videos. Even the entry-level cameras are packed with video options. So, make your purchase of cameras on EMI worthy with every beneficial feature.
  3. Getting a DSLR is no child’s play; hence, its maintenance is necessary. Make sure to keep the lenses clean before and after each session. Dust and moist on them can cause fungal lenses.
  4. Buy a sensor cleaning kit to keep your DSLR clean and in a proper working condition. Try to clean sensor lens, viewfinder, etc. at a regular interval.


Last but not least, you have the advantage to fund the purchase of your DSLR easily and convert the lumpsum payment into installments. Avail No Cost EMIs while shopping using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card on their EMI Network and receive offers and discounts as well.

The concept of No Cost EMI is that you don’t have to pay anything extra but only the total price of the product you have purchased. Buy online or offline from any of the 60,000+ stores spread across 1,300 cities in this nation.

Next, plan your repayment schedule according to your convenience. The tenure usually ranges from 3 months up to 24 months. Don’t worry if you do not have your EMI Network Card. Alternatively, avail in-store financing by submitting essential documents such as a canceled cheque and your KYC papers to the store representative.     

So, keep in mind each point when buying these cameras on EMI. Let your skills and passion for photography flourish with the best DSLR at disposal. so my opinion things to be Considered While Buying DSLR Camera.