WhatsApp for Windows 11 is getting a new look 2022

WhatsApp for Windows 11 is getting a new look 2022

WhatsApp for Windows 11 is getting a new look 2022

Last year we saw many new features come to Meta’s WhatsApp messaging service, and now a recent update to the Windows version looks to make it similar to recently refreshed apps in Windows 11.

The new update of the beta version that’s been available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11 since November showcases an updated design that’s more in line with the refreshed apps we’ve seen from Microsoft, such as Paint and Windows Media Player.

Besides the Windows 11-inspired design, there’s integration with the new Action Center where you can manage your messages, alongside the rest of your notifications for other apps on your PC.

Whether you decide to use WhatsApp on your laptop or tablet device, it’s a useful alternative for when you’re working in a coffee shop and you need to quickly reply to a WhatsApp message, without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Analysis: an easier alternative to WhatsApp Web

UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps can use design standards that Microsoft has set, such as the appearance and layout, to match the overall look of Windows 11. Microsoft has done this with some of its older apps and features, such as Focus Assist and Clock.

Previously, WhatsApp on the desktop has been using an appearance that’s been mirroring the design of Windows 10. But with this new update, everything looks like it matches other refreshed Windows 11 apps.

Updated WhatsApp desktop in Windows 11

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It’s another push by WhatsApp to help its users access the app for difficult situations that require it. There are going to be moments where you’ll be on a train with your laptop open for example, and your phone has run out of charge. Thanks to the multi-device feature in testing where you can manage your messages without your phone being connected, you’ll be able to use the desktop app on its own with no issue.

It solves a potential problem, but it also makes the desktop app ready for launch later this year with the updated look for Windows 11, especially with Sun Valley 2 coming.

However, it remains to be seen if a majority of users will be comfortable in using WhatsApp on their PCs, instead of primarily using their phone or a web browser.

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