Why a password manager could be your next vital security tool to keep you safe online in 2022

Why a password manager could be your next vital security tool to keep you safe online in 2022

Why a password manager could be your next vital security tool to keep you safe online

When it comes to staying safe online, there are a wide range of tools available, but a password manager might be one of the most useful.

It’s a sad fact that the scale of online threats has never been greater, with attackers targeting consumers and businesses alike. Despite frequent reminders, many of us still stick to using the same basic passwords that can be cracked relatively easily by determined cyber-criminals. And if you’re guilty of re-using the same passwords across multiple accounts, all it takes is for one of your accounts to be compromised to put all the others at risk.

Clearly, the answer is to have complex, hard-to-guess and unique passwords for all your separate accounts. But if this sounds practically impossible, don’t fret – that’s where a password manager like 1Password can help.

1Password password manager

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Password managers essentially serve as a secure vault for all your login information, meaning there’s no need to comb your memory bank each time you need to log in to a different account.

Tools such as 1Password can also suggest complex passwords when you sign up to new services, or if you feel some of your accounts may need a security boost – and it’ll even remember these for you using a built-in password generator.

1Password is designed with security built-in at the highest level, packing end-to-end encryption that means only you can decrypt your data. It offers specialised protection against brute-force attacks and two-factor authentication to make sure your data remains as safe as it can be, with biometric systems included as standard.

As opposed to many other password management tools, 1Password looks to take the complexity out of security, presenting all your accounts and details in a clear central hub. The platform is able to store all your personal information, acting as a secure and reliable auto-fill tool when needed, being able to store not just passwords, but also credit card and bank account details, ID numbers, passport information and much more.

This gives 1Password much more flexibility than your browser’s default password manager, with the ability to sign into apps or accounts on any device, and switch browsers without losing access to your passwords.

The service will alert you about any password breaches or security issues, and can create unique virtual payment cards for each site you shop with in order to keep your data safe in the event of future breaches or attacks.

1Password password manager

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1Password is already trusted by millions of users around the world, across Windows, Mac, iPad, iOS and Android devices, including more than 70,000 businesses. The company’s Family plan can be shared with up to five members as a standard, with the opportunity to add more for $1/month, and you can easily recover accounts for these family members or spot potential risks via automated alerts.

So if you’re looking to take the next step to keep yourself and your family safe online, give 1Password a try. The company offers a free 14-day trial of its Personal or Family plans here, and there’s also $20 off your first year of 1Password Families to mark World Password Day.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, subscriptions start from just $2.99 a month – so get involved and up your security game today.