Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider

Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider 1Adidas has managed to straddle the worlds of sports and fashion masterfully, creating clothes and accessories that are on-trend and incredibly functional – precisely the qualities you want from the best college backpack.

Whether you’re after a bold Adidas logo on your next backpack, or a simpler, cleaner look with three stripes or a small crest, there are plenty of options available.

Compared to Nike alternatives, Adidas backpacks tend to include less padding on the inside, so might not be as good at keeping your tech safeguarded. That said, they are generally a bit more affordable, with the entry-level option costing less than £20/$25/AU$35, despite being as much a fashion statement as a means of transporting your stuff.

Adidas also clearly places a focus on comfort, with padded shoulder straps, and the capacities inside are ample. The Creator backpack offers over 40 liters of space inside, with most Nike backpacks capping out at 25-35 liters.

As for the type of backpacks we’ve selected, for a back to school bag we’d recommend staying away from anything leather, and we’ve also kept the price below £70/$80 (around AU$120), as well as opting for plenty of compartments.

Additionally, if you suffer from sweaty-back-syndrome, as most people do, a bit of breathing space and padding on the back of the backpack should help and in its higher-end bags, that’s precisely what Adidas offers.

We’ve ultimately picked five of the best Adidas backpacks for students across a range of prices, covering multiple styles, so there should be something suitable.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, and unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Best Adidas Backpacks


Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider 2

The Adidas Linear Classic Daily is the epitome of cheap and cheerful, despite the fact that it still delivers a stylish aesthetic with prominent Adidas branding.

Being the smallest backpack on our list, this definitely won’t work for power users who need maximum space for all their tech, kit, and books. Younger students in particular though will find the Linear Classic Daily to be an excellent choice.

Available in six color options, including pink, red, blue and black, you can match it with your personal style, and the main zip also has a white accent, adding a distinct design element.

With a front pocket, you can keep stationery or other smaller items to hand, and while there’s no designated laptop compartment, it’s perfect for books and sports kit.

Padded, adjustable shoulder straps mean the Linear Classic Daily is comfortable to wear, and when you need to take it off your back, the handle at the top of the bag means you can hold it in one hand with ease.


Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider 3

If you want a backpack with racing stripes, a bit more space inside and a padded laptop component, the 3-Stripes Power Backpack is an excellent balance of affordability and versatility.

It looks excellent, playing vertical lines off against a two-tone backdrop. You can pick it up in some unique colors, including a reverse Kill Bill/Bruce Lee style yellow on the black scheme, along with four different tones of blue, black, or an off-white.

The TPE coated base is durable and water-resistant, so you needn’t worry about resting the bag on a wet locker room floor, and it features a padded laptop sleeve, one central zip section, and a front zip pocket as well.

The side mesh slip-in pockets provide space for bottle storage, while the top carry handle means it can be easily shifted off the shoulder on a full train carriage and carried in one hand.

Meanwhile, adjustable side compression straps mean you can shrink it down when it’s empty, so things don’t shake about inside too much, and adjustable ergonomic air mesh shoulder straps deliver breathable comfort.


Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider 4

Mature, sophisticated, clean – if this sums up your desired back to school vibe, then the Premium Essentials Modern Backpack from Adidas is for you. With a two-tone/textured look, it’s stylish without being too busy, and the small but prominent Adidas crest on its front pops nicely.

The Premium Essentials Modern backpack is only available in black, though the textured base is a dark grey, which plays well against the upper portion’s inkiness.

It features two side pockets, an outer zip laptop compartment that can take up to a 15-inch laptop, and there’s a front zip pocket too for smaller bits like keys and pens.

Inside, there are also open compartments for pens, USB cables, and other small items, and there are adjustable compression straps either side too. The backpack also includes a chest strap to secure it in place for long bouts of walking.


Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider 5

With pockets and compartments for days, the Adidas Top Loader gives you space to stow your kit and stay organized 24/7, whether you’re exercising at sunrise or dancing in the moonlight (and inexplicably want to do that with a backpack on to make it that much trickier).

This tall, smart backpack’s look is tailored to compliment whatever you’re wearing, with its black body, vertical strap on the front, elongating it, and slip-in side pockets, as well as a convenient handle for one-handed carrying.

A contemporary take on the classic backpack, the drawcord at the top keeps everything inside in place when you want to clasp it closed, and when you want your kit locked tight, you can double that up with a zip too.

The laptop portion isn’t padded, but there’s a small tablet sleeve as well, so if you have both they can be neatly stowed away. By contrast, the shoulder straps are padded, and there’s a chest strap/buckle too to keep everything snug.


Best Adidas Backpacks: 5 Great Options to Consider 6

Whether you’re creating magic in the classroom, within a video editing suite or on the field, the Creator 365 is one of the most voluminous backpacks we’ve come across, able to take almost 45 liters of stuff, and sporting a separate slot for your laptop and your sports shoes.

The shoulder straps are engineered to take the heavy weight that comes with plenty of space, whether it’s school books, tech, sports kit, or all the aforementioned, and the chest strap will help with posture too.

The Creator 365 also includes a front zip pocket for quick access, an internal slip pocket for a tablet, and side compression straps, so when it isn’t full, it can be compacted for convenience. The bag also has laser-cut ventilation holes dotted around it as well as an air mesh back panel so that it can breathe from the front to the back.