Best apps for Ramadan in 2022

Best apps for Ramadan in 2022

Best apps for Ramadan in 2022

Ramadan is a great time to get in touch with your spiritual sense, and thanks to modern technology and a smartphone, there are plenty of apps to help you during this holy month.

We have selected five apps that are available for both iPhone and Android phones that help with everything from prayer times to Quran and Duaas recitals to help you on your Ramadan journey.

Pillars: Prayer Times & Qibla

Pillars App

(Image credit: Pillars)

Pillars is a beautifully designed ad-free app that focuses on prayer times as well as allowing you to track your prayers. It has a built-in Qibla finder and makes sure your data stays private by not leaving your device.

Download it here

Daily Supplications

Daily Supplication App

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Daily Supplications enables you to read and listen to more than 300 different Islamic Duaas and Hadiths. Using this app, you can recite multiple Duaas everyday in Ramadan with counters to help you keep track of what you’ve read

Check it out here

Quranic: Quran Arabic Learning

Quranic App

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If you’ve ever felt as though learning Quranic Arabic was too hard with lectures and traditional lessons, look no further. Quranic is designed to make learning Quranic words and the Arabic language engaging and interactive.

Check it out here

Miraj Islamic Stories & Games

Miraj App

(Image credit: Miraj Studios Ltd)

The Miraj Stories app is a vibrant multi-media library of audiobooks, animations, interactive stories and games for children aged 4 to 9. Crafted to develop skills such as listening, creativity and memory, Miraj stories are approved by scholars and educators.

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Daily Muslim

Daily Muslim App

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The Daily Muslim app will slowly move you towards increasing your daily practices in a way that you will easily be able to fit in into your routine. Other than offering prayer times, Duas and a Qibla compass, this all-in-one app also has a Zakat calculator

Check it out here