Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth speakers are all the rage these days, and we have reached a point where one does not need to break the bank in order to get a decent pair.From speakers that are incredibly compact to those which are water and dustproof, to those which deliver great sound quality at an affordable price point, we have a Bluetooth speaker for everyone in the market today.

Here are the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy for under 5,000 rupees:

1/5 JBL Flip 2

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers 1

Since the launch of the Flip 3, the JBL Flip 2 has been available for an amazing price of Rs 4,800 online (They have an MRP of Rs 8,000). The Flip 2 deliver great performance, and are built well, and are a great buy for under five thousand rupees.

They feature dual 40 mm drivers and a custom-tuned built-in bass port, a built-in microphone for receiving calls, noise cancelation technologies, and have a power output of 2x6W.

They are not the smallest pair of speakers, and weigh a rather hefty 640 grams, but are compact enough not to be a huge bother. For those looking for really travel-friendly and compact speakers, they can look at the JBL GO, which we will talk about later on in the article.

They offer great sound quality for the price and are loud enough to fill a small room with ease. In terms of sound, these are some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can get at this price point. What lets them down a bit is the rather mediocre 5-7 hour battery life.

2/5 Envent LiveFree 530

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers 2

The Envent LiveFree 530 is an impressive option for those looking for a more rugged and durable pair of Bluetooth speakers. They are available for Rs 2,399 on Flipkart and are shockproof and IPX5 water-resistant.

The IPX5 rating means they can be used near pools and beaches and can easily withstand splashes. They are not certified for dunks or being used underwater though.

In addition, they offer a sound output of 10W, which is more than both the JBL GO and the AmazonBasics BTV2, and are also dustproof.

Their battery life is average at 5.5 hours and they also come with an in-built microphone for hands-free calling.

3/5 JBL Go

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers 3

The JBL GO are an incredibly compact pair of Bluetooth speakers available online for Rs 1,800 against an MRP of Rs 2,999.

They are tiny, like, really tiny at 8.3 x 6.8 x 3.1 cm and deliver a sound that belies both its size and dimensions. They weigh just 158 grams making them perfect travel companions. If only they were waterproof, they would have been the perfect package.

The JBL Go comes with a 600mAh battery capable of providing up to 5 hours of battery life and having a power output of 3W. They also come with an in-built microphone for phone calls. Sound quality is par for the price, crisp and clear, although expectedly the bass is tinny.

4/5 AmazonBasics BTV2

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers 4

Available for Rs 1,599 against a claimed MRP of 2,999 rupees, the AmazonBasics BTV2 makes for a value for money buy.

They have a power output of 3W, a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, and dimensions of 8.4 x 4.4 x 6.5 cm. They weigh 204 grams. While they are not as compact as the JBL GO, the AmazonBasics BTV2 has 10 hours of battery life as compared to the 5 hours found in the JBL Go.

The sound is clear and detailed and they are loud enough for listening to songs on the go, or in a small room. However, expected bass is lacking and they distort at full volume.

5/5 Logitech X300

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers 5

The Logitech X300 is available for Rs 3,100 and delivers a powerful sound experience. They weigh 363 grams and have a down-firing passive radiator in order to deliver deep bass.

While not as compact as the JBL GO or the AmazonBasics BTV2, they are smaller and lighter than the JBL Flip 2, while delivering nearly the same audio quality. They have dimensions of 7.1 x 15 x 6.8 cm.

Their sound signature is tuned towards delivering deep and powerful bass and has the best bass amongst the five Bluetooth speakers listed here. The sound is clear and defined, and the bass doesn’t drown out the rest of the sound stage.