Best Business Tablets On the Market

Top 5 and Best Business Tablets On the Market

The business world of today is all about smart management of your resources. Entrepreneurs focus on developing smart workflows driven by smart and latest gadgets to optimize the workflow of their business.

A tablet could be the best gadget to implement in the workflow in 2017. Modern tablets have processing power equalizing to laptops while offering a greater bit of portability.

Tablet devices also come with many simple and affordable accessories that can make it even a better gadget than a laptop at productive stages. For example, adding simply a keyboard does ensure better accuracy and speed.

Tablets and iPad nowadays consider an important business tool. Many business operations are efficiently performed by using these devices in the work environment. As it becomes the important need to cooperate world many rental organizations are delivering the iPad hire for events which make the access of these devices easy.

Now business organizations can easily manage the required amount of tablets or iPad without spending a lot of budgets which they spend in the past for buying new ones.

Here in this guide, we are listing the top 5 tablets for businesses in 2017 so that you can choose the best one for your business.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9:

Apple leaves no space for other competitors to think of the number one place in any technological list. The company offers a complete range of devices for business and corporate world.

The latest device of the iPad Pro range, Apple revealed iPad Pro 12.9 inches with the largest ever screen-resolution. The 12.9 inches giant also has strong processing capabilities and successfully out-performed several desktop and laptop computers.

IPad pro 12.9 inch is the best business device of the era when attached a smart keyboard and Apple pencil with it. It is equally beneficial for every kind of business and corporate spaces with tons of workload. Accessorizing it with the latest accessories increases its capabilities even further. Let’s have a look at its processing capabilities and specs.

Key specifications:

CPU Apple A9X Dual-core 2.26 GHz (Twister)
Display Size 12.9 inches, 519.2 cm2 (~77.0% screen-to-body ratio)
Battery Life Non-removable Li-Ion 10,307 mAh battery (38.8 Wh), up to 10 hours talk time.


IPad pro 12.9 with inch is available at $799. It is relatively expensive for small-scale companies but the rental option is still there at cheap prices for short-term rentals.

Apple iPad:

Best Business Tablets On the Market

Another option for entrepreneurs from Apple is the entry-level iPad. It is perfect for small organizations who do not want to miss the perks of incorporating tablets into their workflows. The price is relatively low than its competitors but it has all the ingredients to be a perfect business tool.

The only backlash this Apple giant faces is the lack of accessories. It is missing keyboard and pencil support but if it does it is definitely going to be the user’s first choice.

Key specifications:

CPU Apple A9 Dual-core 2.26 GHz (Twister)
Display Size 9.7 inches, 519.2 cm2 (~77.0% screen-to-body ratio)
Battery Life Non-removable Li-Ion 10,307 mAh battery (38.8 Wh), up to 14 hours talk time.


Apple iPad is available at a fair price of $377.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4:

If you are not an Apple geek anymore or simply want to use an Android tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 is definitely going to be the best option for all Android lovers. It is probably one of the finest tablets from Samsung and all other Android tablet manufacturers.

Having fast processing capabilities as all modern day devices, Tab 4 is nothing behind in fighting its competitors. Equipped with the latest Android operating system and fast processing capabilities this tablet can easily take any business load on its shoulders.

Key specifications:

CPU Marvell PXA1088 Quad-core 1.2 GHz
RAM 1.5 GB
Display Size 10.1 inches, 295.8 cm2 (~68.9% screen-to-body ratio)
Battery Life Non-removable Li-Po 6800 mAh battery, up to 10 hours talk time


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is available at the price of $249.99.

Microsoft Surface Pro:

Wondering why the popular among masses Surface Pro hasn’t shown up? Well, here it is. Surface Pro is the showpiece of Microsoft’s engineering efforts. This sleek, elegant and convertible device from Microsoft has proved to be a powered hub of business processing.

It has a really attractive display complementing its processing capabilities. Equipped with the ultimate windows 10, Surface Pro can run a wide array of software’s and that too custom and package.

Because of its versatility in installing a large pool of business applications, it has edge over all others on the list. If you want to invest in a state of the art tablet for your business, the Surface Pro is for you. It is a bit expensive but its price totally compliments its capabilities.

Key specifications:

CPU Intel Kaby Lake ( Core M3-Core i7 )
Display Size 12.3 inches
Battery Life Talk time up to 11 hours


Surface Pro is available at a price of $890.

Google Pixel C:

Google’s Pixel C is another showcase of gadget engineering. This machine from Google has made its way to the business world because of its strong processing and display capabilities.

Another great benefit it provides to the user is very strong and impressive battery life and great keyboard docks which uniquely identify it among its competitors. The tablet has an only drawback and it is its operating system Android Marshmallow.

Key specifications:

CPU Nvidia Tegra X1
Display Size 10.2 inches IPS display
Battery Life Talk time up to 14 hours


Pixel C is available at $445.

Overview of the Tablets

As we have discussed clearly above the complete specifications and the usage of these tablets for businesses. No doubt, these gadgets are the best in use and they also have made working strategies easier. It was really very difficult to store the complete data of your business through manual things.

There were more chances of losing the data completely. With the invention of these types of gadgets, now you may store a bulk of data and information in them and also can store your data in the cloud. Cloud is the safest storage which will never lose your data and information and you may also buy the storage according to your need.

The fencing of the cloud is very much strong and these types of tablets are the basic reason behind this. These gadgets are also very much affordable in rates as well.