9 SEO Tips to Rank in Google

9 Best SEO Tips to Rank in Google - CyberiansTech

9 SEO Tips to Rank in Google

SEO has become an increasingly complicated field. It’s essential to have a checklist before you even begin your SEO efforts.

Here’s a list for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to start their SEO marketing. This checklist will help you build a piece of web content that will rank high on Google.

9 Best SEO Tips to Rank in Google - CyberiansTech

The key is in the keywords

Pick some good search items or words which you want the web content to show up for when they’re looking on Google. For example, if you’re writing about best dog toys, you want to rank on the keyword “best toys for dogs”.

The Google Keyword Planner can help you in determining the best keywords for your content. It will show you an estimate for any search phrase. You need to set-up your AdWords account to gain access.

See what your competitor is doing

You need to see what your competitor is doing. Go to Google and see what the first Top 10 competitors are doing? What are they doing that you’re not doing? What are they missing? Can you do better than them?

Quality content

Content is king. After knowing what your competition is writing about, you need to create content that will overpower your competitor’s. Think of ways on how to improve their existing content. Apply this technique whenever you want to create a blog post or a landing page. It needs to be better than the rest so Google will notice it.

The title should include the keyword

This is one of the basic rules of SEO. Your page title should have the keyword in it. Make the title as interesting as you can. Readers must be intrigued to click on the topic just by looking at the title you provided.

For example, you want to write: How to Make Clothes for Kids. Instead of writing as is, you can write “ How to Make Cute Clothes Your Kids can Wear. The title should be catchy and should contain the keywords.

The keyword should be in the header

Most readers just skim blog posts. This is why it’s helpful to show the keyword in the header to give your readers a glimpse of exactly what to expect from reading your article. Use the exact keyword phrase at least once in your sub-header.

The keyword should be in the name and image alt-tag

Does your blog post contain images? Make sure the keyword is in the name and alt tag of these images. This cements the idea of the article on Google.

The keyword should be in the URL and in the post

Google crawls content based on their URL. You need to include your keyword in the URL and the post as well. This helps Google know what exactly your content is about.

Internal Links

It is best to link your new content to other internal links on your website. You should talk about your best content so people can know about it. Edit some old posts and include new links.

Outreach for external links

This is perhaps the most important SEO tips for every beginner. You need to find quality external links. What are the external links? These are from websites other than your own site. Google relies on external links to see which content matters or how good a post is. It ranks your content based on the number of external links.

Link building means you need to reach out to other website owners to get your links out there. Ask them for links and see the results!

These are just a few tips on SEO marketing. You can use this to get your marketing efforts started and see how your site and your business can benefit from SEO.