Easy Video Conferencing with Meet Pro

Easy Video Conferencing with Meet Pro

Video conferencing software is becoming more and more popular in small and large-scale businesses. Video conferencing has made it easier for employee and employer to communicate and share business dealings etc. in a more convenient way. This is from where the concept of work from home got acceptance and appreciation because with the help of videoconferencing long-distance employee are more in access. Instead of in person meeting you can always catchup.

It is important that first you assess your need for video-conferencing software accordingly for large or small rooms/workplaces. This article will take you to the easy video conferencing software i.e. Meet Pro, which in fact makes your video conferencing easier, better and cost-effective too. Meet Pro do have amazing set of features as well. Let’s have a look. However it is best for small rooms.

Meet Pro– is a premium video conferencing software for free online meetings small rooms mainly. It has a convenient process of installation due to its all in one design. It also has a great pick-up range of 5-meters with dual microphones. The features like tilting, zooming (that also with remote control), digital pan and sensor with higher definition video quality are also there. It also allows a user to control the function etc. with there own mobile devices as it is suitable for Mac, Android, Windows and iOS systems.

It is basically a solution for small conference rooms which caters all your video conferencing needs via Higher Definition camera, Microphone, Speaker, Codecs and software for a great experience.

Some prominent features include:

  1. High performance processing technology- with the adaptation of intelligent and strong CPU+GPU in Meet Pro it ensures great capability for decoding and encoding. Meet Pro ensures great experience for video and audio; two most important elements for video conferencing. It is due to 1080p video stream and up to 720p video streams are effortlessly retrieved.
  2. Matchless Video Quality; Guaranteed- 4K sensor is used for video capturing in highest quality possible. It ensures wide-angle lens video capturing frame which is necessary for clarity and recognition of each participant involved in the video-conference. With the help of ePTZ control, clients are able to experience various and dynamic imageries without any kind of delay. Therefore high-quality videos are certain to be delivered.
  3. Natural Sound- Meet Pro guarantees natural sound which is clear just as you hear someone talk in meetings. Features like noise reduction and echo cancellation are the ones that ensure to make your meetings are free from any interference. All participants are able to hear and heard with in 5-meter sound pick-up range.
  4. Control as You Want- the control is easiest as it enables a user to manage the setup using your desktops, laptops, tablets, Macs, mobile devices and etc.

There are certain functions in Meet Pro that make your video conferencing effortless

  • Live Webinar
  • File and Screen Sharing
  • Online Whiteboard
  • Cloud Recording and it provides Cloud Storage
  • Convenient Control & Management

We hope this article helped you big time! Happy gotomeeting competitors with Meet Pro!