How to earn $5,000 per day with Fiverr affiliate program

fiverr affiliate program
fiverr affiliate program
It’s official Fiverr affiliate program is here, and affiliates are already starting to crush it.


For those of you who don’t know, Fiverr is a marketplace that allows anyone to buy or sell services or “gigs” as they call them, for $5. Launched in 2010, Fiverr has been a smash hit and is one of the most popular classified boards in the world.


For whatever reason, people seem to love Fiverr, and a select number of affiliates have been dominating Fiverr’s new affiliate program. The scale of Fiverr’s affiliate potential is massive, and some members are already making $5,000 a day.


Fiverr’s affiliate program works like this. Refer a new customer (someone who buys a service for $5), and you get paid. That’s it! Payouts range from $7 to $17 depending on the quality of your traffic. Either way, you get paid more than $5 when someone makes a purchase for only $5 😉


What I really love about Fiver is that the angles to promote Fiverr are endless. Since all services on Fiverr only cost $5, you can create some pretty compelling ads and drill down some laser targeting. For example:
I’ll design your website for $5
(Targeting web design)


I’ll do all your Translation for $5
(Targeting students)


I’ll migrate your website for $5
(Targeting web design)


The ads practically write themselves, and the creative possibilities go on and on! Simply refer a new customer to Fiverr, and you get paid.


Fiverr also has some pretty badass banner ad templates to help you out:

Fiverr’s affiliate program is global, which means that accept traffic from all countries and they use the ever reliable Has Offer’s for their tracking platform.

Fiverr Affiliate is one of the few affiliate programs I have gotten excited about this year, and it should be both fun and rewarding to promote. You can contact Fiverr Support if you have any questions or here is FAQ of the Fiverr affiliate program.


Sign Up To Fiverr Affiliate Program Here

Now you will see a form given below

fiverr affiliate program

After filling the form click on the register button

Now you will receive an email that shows a below:

fiverr affiliate program

Now you can log in with your username and password.

Where you will see a Dashboard of Fiverr Affiliate program and you can track all of your payments.

So join Today and start earning 500$ per month by just referring people.

If you have any question you can ask me in comments.

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How to promote a Fiverr Affiliate Program?

I have reviled Fiverr on this blog ordinarily because of a continuous issue with their partner office. All the more as of late I said the issue in my article “Eleven Reasons Affiliate Marketing Sucks”.

Their associate division was dependably a disfavor. When they moved toward me about alluding them on this blog they were eager and brimming with guarantees about being paid rapidly. It didn’t take years for those guarantees to be broken. Installments were being paid later and later. Rather than paying me on the second or third day of the month consequently as their associate program guaranteed, I was being paid weeks after the fact simply in the wake of sending them a few messages whining about non-installment.

Two years prior the circumstance deteriorated. They quit reacting to messages and they quit paying me the partner commissions I was expected. After a year I, at last, got hold of somebody in their area of expertise and I was sent an installment in August 2015 of $518. I had suspected the installment was short and I had changed over additional from the movement I had sent them; anyway, there was nothing I could do to question their discoveries.

No contact was made again by Fiverr since that installment a year ago. No installments were made. No immediate messages were gotten. All I got was an everyday email with a connected spreadsheet that contained no information. Right up ’til the present time I get an email each and every day with a spreadsheet without any information.

Their associate division was constantly taken care of gravely and their product was poor as well.

Ideally, that is going to change.

After around a time of no contact, Dani Mansoor, another member supervisor for Fiverr, reacted to an email I sent to them in June.

I have constantly put a high significance on being straightforward and straightforward on this blog. I was vocal about the poor way Fiverr regarded me as a member throughout the most recent couple of years, so it is not out of the question that I give all of you a report on how they are endeavoring to offer some kind of reparation.

There are different techniques to advance this Affiliate program the Best strategy is to promote social media, or you can write an article to promote a Fiverr affiliate program.