How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post – Easily Ranked by Google

Everyone working hard on their blog and publishes a lot of posts on their blogs, yet their visitor does not come to the blog. As a matter of search engine, when any search engine crawls your site, it is also essential to have SEO Friendly of your post at that time.

If not, then your post will not be able to rank any search engine anytime. When your robot thoroughly analyzes your post, then decides which place to show your post in Google or any search engine. The simple thing is that if your post is SEO Friendly, then you will get a good result then today we will talk about this and tell you in a straightforward way so that you can make your site SEO Friendly and get good results for your site.

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If you also want to show your site at the top position in Google, then you can read the posts of SEO category, and now you will find many SEO posts on this blog, read them also to bring the blog to the top rank. So let’s know how to write SEO friendly posts on your blog.


SEO Friendly Blog Post How to Write

You will be told in detail about how to write SEO friendly article on the website. Now you can learn about it.

1. Post Title

If you want to post your SEO title, then you have to keep in mind that this is a significant role. If you learn to tag your blog title SEO, So you complete your post 50% SEO. And you must use at least 1-2 keywords in your post title and also add some particular word to a title like most, favorite, top, etc. Up to 20% more clicks are found on any post using this word.

The better your title of the post, the better the SEO will be. So, first of all, you should focus on the title of your post and title should be such that the attractive title is significant to choose.

2. Post Description

As you search the post in Google, the word “Show” is displayed below just below the post link in the title below. Its SEO requires a lot. If you want to make your post better SEO, then you have to write as well as the description of your post’s title.

If your description is right on the search engine, then 40% of people can open the post only. If you want the description to SEO, then you can put so many words in the description until it turns red mean that red 1 point is less blue, so many words should be asked.

3. Post Image

When you write a post, you add an image but the new blogger does not know this thing at all but post it, but it cannot be optimized. And new bloggers cannot SEO their post image, so they do not get a good rank.

If you add an image to your blog post, then entirely no copyright should be done, and use should be well designed then add it. And every single post should have at least one image, though I have read that an image on Google is equivalent to 200-word content, so add more and more to the SEO.

4. Image Alt Tag

For any post, if you want to do SEO of Image, then you need Title tag and alt tag. For SEO, Google can track your image well, and you get better results when you add photos to the post. So in the edit option, you get the option to use the title tag and alt tag. Enter the name of the title of the image which is the name of the main title. This makes SEO complete with the image.

5. Post Keywords

If you want to bring your post to the top in search results, it is essential to use keywords. Which words search any more in the visitor search engine? Tracks the word in the search engine. They are keywords. You can use the Google keywords planner to search or use your wish.

So you can do a better keywords search. This is very important for SEO for your post when you write a post, then use more keywords in 1st and last paragraphs. It is a considerable role to bring high traffic from the search engine.

6. Post Heading

Whatever article you write, use title and headlines to understand its paragraph. It’s called heading. This lets visitors understand your posts very simply. The WordPress post editor has H1-H6 a total of six headings.

You can use it according to your need; it is essential for SEO if you do not use heading then you may have a lot of difficulty in posting your post’s ranking and heading for visitors It would be essential to be

7. Post URL

When you type the title of a post, its URL becomes permalink automatic generated. But it is not as good for SEO that you should manually create your post URL. You can SEO your post very well by using keywords in your URL.

When you generate a URL for the post, you must use 1 to 2 keywords in it. It will be your post’s SEO and type the URL, and the post URL should be related to your post title. If you do this, then your post’s SEO is excellent. Will go.

8. Post Content-Length

It is imperative for you to write a Word post for your post’s SEO. If your post is written in fewer words, then it takes a lot of time to get rank, or it never gets ranked.

But if you write a post about Minimum 600 to 1000 words, then your post is well SEO ready. And it is easy to post rank. Now if you write any post then at least 1000 words must be definitely if you have 1000 words, then this post is rank but should be SEO with that which we have told. And be sure to read the SEO post from our website for SEO.

If you want all the posts on your website top in the search result, then definitely read.


If you are writing a post, then keep this meditation, do not use unnecessary words in the post, use the same word which is essential if you use harsh words. Once the visitor’s visit does not come back to your website, there will be a lot of impact on the traffic. Therefore, I do not use wordless words. So in today’s post, you will have read how to write SEO friendly Post on Blog. So we have given you this article in a simple way. And we have told everything briefly in this post. Hopefully, you may have liked this information.

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