Mobile Applications Versus Mobile Websites

Mobile Applications Versus Mobile Websites

Mobile Applications Versus Mobile Websites

The era of mobile phones and smartphones is here. The number of people who prefer mobile over the desktop pc has now increased and who wouldn’t prefer a mobile phone over a desktop when a 6-inch screen can make everything happen for you. The debate between mobile and desktop has clearly been won by the mobile but with this comes another debate and it is between mobile applications and mobile websites.

The businesses that have bigger or larger wallets can probably contemplate on both however the businesses that don’t own such a big wallet have to look for either one of them and personally I feel like they should go with mobile applications and here are a few reasons of why?

  1. Apps Are Faster Than Websites

Waiting is the killer of interest and the faster a thing is the more responsive the users will be. In the comparison of mobile application and mobile websites, it was seen that apps are faster than the websites which bring an enhanced experience to the customers. Being fast increases the responsive and people who have the idea about how responsiveness works for increasing the interest of customers would surely have the thoughts that apps are more preferable in the context of business operations.

To create an iOS and android app could be just a perfect idea to kill this waiting thing and that is where you can offer better customer experience. And no wonder that better customer experience could bring you better conversions.

  1. Offers Better Personalization

Tailored communication is what personalization is all about. Based on the preferences, behavior, location and such other things. With the mobile application and stuff supported by mobile phones, it is possible for the businesses to make the contemplations on bringing customers to the products that they would prefer. Customized content could also be offered with mobile applications and this is the reason that businesses might like mobile application for better data-driven operations.

Well, not only that but possibly the idea of bringing the road map journey in the personalization could be easily managed through the mobile applications. This is because of making the customers to be tracked easily through this device and this is what makes the customers to be hit against their preferences, likes, and dislikes.

  1. Sending the Notifications is Easy

With mobile applications, you can easily contemplate on reminding the customers about everything that you want them to know. Sending notifications could be easy with mobile applications even if the customers are not on the application. Push notifications are what we know these things as. This could be included in the Push marketing strategy of the company and it can bring the attention of the customers to things by making the push strategy to be used. However, with a mobile website, you cannot do this which means that it is an extra benefit that could be brought only with mobile applications.

  1. Using The Mobile Device Features

The user experience in the mobile application could be enhanced and made to be interactive with the features of a mobile device to be integrated into the application. The use of the camera, microphone, and such other things could help the businesses to create content that is more explicit and interacting. This is one of the major attractions for the company to use mobile applications instead of mobile websites.

  1. Users Prefer Apps Over Websites

We are on our smartphones all day long and this is what has been researched to say that users themselves prefer apps over the website and this is one of the things that make businesses to consider the mobile applications over mobile websites. 86 percent of users prefer or use mobile applications and only 14 percent of the users have the tendency to use mobile websites. Thus, according to what customers prefer you should go with a mobile application to get noticed. Mobile applications can amazingly increase the response of your marketing campaigns and strategy.

  1. Better Brand Presence

Users spend time on their mobile phones daily and it is said in various researches that when an application is one user’s phone there are 90 percent chances that they are going to use it once in a day. Thus, if you have a mobile application it is likely that users will use it daily which will increase your brand presence. There are no doubts that when people use something daily they get attached or habitual to it which is another way of increasing brand loyalty in customers.

These are the 6 reasons that can you choose or prefer mobile applications over mobile websites. These reasons have stated how the experience of users could be enhanced with this medium of operations. User experience is one of the key factors and essential aspects of the business and contributes a lot to the same. Thus, to make things better for your business according to the trends in the market is to go for mobile application.

Moreover, getting to an application nowadays is easier than you think and to create an iOS and android app could just be the matter of a few days if you hire the right professionals. Precisely, to get everything right in order to provide convenience to the customers, making your marketing to get noticed and perform your operations better have this idea of mobile applications that can get everything to be done in just one framework.


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