Top Animation Tools and Software That Simply Stick Out

Top Animation Tools

Top Animation Tools and Software That Simply Stick Out

The notion of animation creation started with the need to transform a traditionally drawn piece of art into an animated visual. From the trends of motion graphics to the entirety of graphic design itself, static artwork is now being merged together with animation in order to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of the artwork. That is not all as video games also rely on animations that are brought to life from an illustration to an animated form.

Living in an era that is being digitized, there has been an upsurge in individuals, businesses and brand owners that are looking for video animation services. If you understand the worth and importance of animation and you are aspiring to become an animator then we have compiled the right list of animation software and tools for you.

TVPaint Animation

Changing your graphic art in the form of a compelling has never been so easy with TVPaint Animation. While it might be the right fit for professional-level animation creation but with a user-friendly interface and functionality, you can render quality animated content using this software. The technical functionality of TVPaint is based on bitmaps, therefore; it allows you to create digital visuals with little exertion of effort. However, having a costlier price tag that starts from $590 might make you hesitate a bit but you can try out its trial version before buying the entire software package.

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An animation software dedicated for making animations for games, Spine puts forward a lot more than solely 2D animation. What makes it distinctive is that it lets you export your artwork into the software and then you can turn it into a 2D animation. The editor tool can be used for making changes in your artwork but these changes would be rendered in an animated form so you cannot make any changes to the design of your static visual. As for the features, you can use the Dopesheet tool to view the timeline of your video and edit it accordingly. It even lets you enhance the aesthetics of the animation by letting you choose from different skins and texture packs.


An online animation tool, Piskel is based on pixelated art creation. You can design short-length animated sprites in the form of pixelated 2D art and the prerequisite to it is that it is a free online tool that does not require any installing. However, if you want to get its desktop application then Piskel is available on the Windows, Linux and Mac OS as well. The main features are the option to see a live preview of your sprite, change it into GIF or PNG format as well as create a private gallery of your animations and sprites.

Toon Boom Harmony Version

With an expensive price tag that starts from $375 alone, one should not falter from relying on this software, as it is equipped with the latest tools and features that every designer needs to be well versed about. Having three purchasable versions, Harmony is a perfect fit for animation production. You can even download its trial version and test out each of its tools before you make the decision of purchasing it. Toon Boom’s Harmony allows you to draw, sketch and even add effects to your drawing to enhance its appeal further.

DigiCel FlipBook

Used for 2D animation creation, DigiCel FlipBook is not only easy-to-use but also lets you create animated content that is similar to the prior traditional animation practices. If your goal is to make animation videos that relive the essence of the most phenomenal and renowned 2D animations to existing then DigiCel can aid you to achieve it. The major tools and specifications of this software are the Image Window, scanning, importing or exporting options and plenty of other unique editing tools.