Vacuum and mop your floors with the newly launched Dreame W10

Vacuum and mop your floors with the newly launched Dreame W10

Vacuum and mop your floors with the newly launched Dream W10

Robot vacuums are nothing new, but the latest trend is to have ones that can both vacuum and mop up floors. Whether done simultaneously or with separate attachments, the results can of course vary by brand. The latest to the market is the Dreame W10, which features 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping functions.

The Dreamer W10 is capable of vacuuming carpets and hard floors and can tackle wet messes, dirt, and dried-on stains. It also automatically returns to the charging base to clean the mops during a clean cycle, before resuming to the spot where it last was.

Dreame W10

(Image credit: Dreame)

The robot’s base station features two separate 4L water tanks – one for clean water and another for dirty water, which ensures that dirty water isn’t being spread across your floors. After the clean cycle is completed, the mops are washed one final time and then dried with hot air to keep them clean and fresh for the next clean cycle.

We’ve seen this sort of mopping and cleaning action most recently from the Narwal T10, but the W10 using hot air to dry the mops is something new.

The W10 features an upgraded LiDAR-based SLAM navigation system for faster mapping and can create systematic cleaning paths for up to 3 different floor plans. It is also capable of automatically detecting carpeted areas during a mopping cycle so that the mops aren’t dragged across areas they’re not supposed to be used.

The Dream W10 self-cleaning robot is priced at $1,089 and will be available on Amazon with a launch campaign running from November 22 to November 30, 2021. At the moment it will only be available to customers in the USA, but plans are in place to expand to delivery to Europe in the near future.

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