Best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases in 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases in 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases in 2022

If you’re in need of one of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases, there’s no shortage of options. That’s why we’ve picked out some of the top choices so you don’t have to spend ages trying to work out what would suit you.

No one wants to see their precious new phone damaged due to the slightest of knocks or bangs, and that’s why a case is so essential.

We’ve looked at the many cases currently out there for the exceptionally classy Samsung Galaxy S22 and picked out ten of the very best options for it. Each is sure to keep your phone safe while looking smart and stylish too.

A Casetify Acid Smiles case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Casetify)

1. Casetify Acid Smiles

Cute yet durable

Durable build
Sustainable construction
Looks fun
More durable options are available
Color choice won’t suit everyone

The Casetify Impact Crush series is a fun range of cases. Looking cute and colorful, this Acid Smiles case is also fairly durable. Providing drop protection of up to 6.6 feet (2m), it should withstand most daily tasks, although some people may need more durability.

It’s made sustainably too, with 65% of its materials made from recycled or plant-based materials. The recycled materials partially come from upcycled phone cases thanks to the company’s RECASETiFY program, so it’s quite a good cause. Also, the case offers an antimicrobial coating that eliminates 99% of bacteria and keeps everything clean.

See the Casetify Acid Smiles case here

An OtterBox Defender Series Pro case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: OtterBox)

2. OtterBox Defender Series Pro

Rugged yet subtle

Robust design
Made from recycled material
Includes holster
Not exactly stylish
Overkill for some users

The OtterBox Defender Series Pro is ideal if you’re clumsy or have a physical job which means your new phone could get damaged. It protects your phone for four times as many drops as the military standard while also covering for scrapes and basic falls. Alongside that, its port covers keep the phone safe from dirt, dust, and lint on the inside, while the case has antimicrobial additives to keep it clean on the outside.

There’s a holster if you’d prefer to keep your phone attached to your belt, and the same clip works as a hands-free kickstand too.

See the OtterBox Defender Series Pro case here

A Spigen Tough Armor Case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Spigen)

3. Spigen Tough Armor Case

Slim yet secure

Slim but durable build
Uses impact foam for protection
Built-in kickstand
Not the most rugged option

The Spigen Tough Armor Case treads the middle ground between being slim yet more durable than most. It isn’t the most rugged option here so some people may need more, but for the average user, this does the job. The case uses extreme impact foam under durable layers so that it can protect the phone while staying slimline.

Its sleek duallayer design passes military-grade protection and raised edges further protect the camera cutout. It also has a built-in kickstand which should prove useful.

See the Spigen Tough Armor Case here

An OtterBox Commuter Series case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: OtterBox)

4. OtterBox Commuter Series

Sleek and straight to the point

Stylish yet subtle
Effective drop protection
Thin design
Could be more environmentally friendly

The OtterBox Commuter Series is a sleek and stylish case that still packs in a decent amount of protection. It covers users for up to three times as many drops as the military standard requires. Alongside that, it has a dual-layer design that means the inner slipcover is soft while the hard outer shell absorbs and deflects impacts.

The case also offers an antimicrobial coating so your case is that bit cleaner. The only real downside here is that the case is made from only 35% recycled plastic so it could be a bit more environmentally aware.

See the OtterBox Commuter Series here

A Spigen Case Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Spigen)

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Crystal clear design

Slim design
Ideal for showing off the phone
Grip friendly case
Could be more robust

If you want to show off your new phone (and who doesn’t?), the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case is a great bet. It offers a slim, hybrid structure that means you can still see the phone through the crystal clear back. Due to the design of the case, it also promises longer-lasting clarity so it won’t go yellow any time soon.

In addition, it has an easy-to-hold grip and offers military-grade protection. We’re just not sure how well it would handle a really rugged lifestyle.

See the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case here

An Urban Armor Pathfinder Series case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Urban Armor)

6. Urban Armor Pathfinder Series

Rugged protection at a good price

Good drop protection
Lanyard anchor
Distinctive look
 Distinctive look won’t suit everyone

The Urban Armor Pathfinder Series case looks like it means business because it does. It’s remarkably slim for a rugged case but its low-profile perimeter edge belies strong drop protection. Able to withstand a drop of up to 16 feet, it has an impact-resistant core that keeps your phone safe.

Its look is very distinctive but may not suit everyone. However, if you need slim yet tough, this is the solution.

See the Urban Armor Pathfinder Series case here

A Mous Limitless 3.0 case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Mous)

7. Mous Limitless 3.0

Smart design with rugged protection

Classy leather look
SIM card holder included
Not too bulky
Not real leather

The Mous Limitless 3.0 case looks delightful. If you just want the back part of the case, rather than something that wraps entirely around your phone, it’s a good choice. The leather-style look gives it some extra class, while the impact-absorbing technology keeps your phone safe.

At this price, you wouldn’t really expect real leather and it still feels good in your hands. The case also includes an extra SIM card holder plus there’s an eyelet so you can attach a wrist strap if needed.

See the Mous Limitless 3.0 case here

A Spigen Crystal Slot Case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Spigen)

8. Spigen Crystal Slot Case

A bit of extra functionality

Sleek design
Card slot included
Shows off phone
Embedded buttons

The Spigen Crystal Slot Case has a big selling point – you can place your bank card in the case to keep it safe alongside your phone. Less bulky than a full wallet case, it’s a useful compromise. Also, because of its clear (but glittery) design, you can still see your phone clearly.

The only downside is a contentious one – it has embedded buttons. That won’t disappoint everyone but for some, it may be a deal-breaker.

See the Spigen Crystal Slot Case here

An Urban Armor Monarch Kevlar case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Urban Armor)

9. Urban Armor Monarch Kevlar

Ultimate protection

The best protection out there
Very rugged
Uses Kevlar
Overkill for some

Want a phone case that uses Kevlar material? You need the Urban Armor Monarch Kevlar. It’s sure to be excessive for some people but if you have a strenuous job, it will keep your phone safe. It uses a five-layer construction with a soft impact-resistant core and a protective screen surround to boot. With up to 20 feet of drop protection, your phone should be safe.

The trade-off here is that this is a pretty bulky case. It’s not bad looking but it’s definitely going to take up room.

See the Urban Armor Monarch Kevlar case here

A Speck Presidio Perfect case for the Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Speck)

10. Speck Presidio Perfect Case

Fashionable yet protective

Slim build
Looks appealing
Decent drop protection
Look won’t suit everyone

The Speck Presidio Perfect keeps things simple yet fashionable. The Clear Ombre case means you can see your beloved phone while enjoying a change of colors that looks fashionable. Its looks won’t suit everyone but it’s nicely subtle rather th garish.

On top of that, it provides antimicrobial technology and it’s drop resistant for up to 13 feet. That should keep everyone happy.