Compelling Features Every Dating App Should Have

Compelling Features Every Dating App Should Have

Compelling Features Every Dating App Should Have


Dating is no longer an activity, which is done by meeting people face to face in a café or a pub or even a park. It has become more a digital activity. For some reason, people feel more comfortable liking the idea of swiping right or left on their smartphone screens, rather than physically going out and meeting people. People are not leaving anything to fate or chance anymore. In fact, if anything, people are leaving their love life in the hands of an algorithm.

It’s not really dating if you are swiping away left and right on a smartphone screen. You cannot know the person from their picture. It’s amazing how a mobile app meant to bring people together lacks the most important ingredient, instant judgment by looking at someone’s picture or reading a couple of lines is not how you can get to know a person. But, who am I to complain? If people like the idea of virtual dating then perhaps that is the way of the future and maybe I’m just a little old school in this regard.

When you build an app like Tinder or any other dating application, one of the most important things that you need to focus on is the features of the mobile application. Since dating is a physical activity and it is now being shifted to a digital activity therefore you need to provide your users with some compelling features, which will allow you to successfully attract your users towards using your mobile application.

Encounter: You need to understand that by providing a virtual platform to your users you are providing them with a digital dating experience. Even though everything is happening virtually but still, the people involved are very real and therefore they require certain indicators and signs that will help them get interested in using the app more.

This is where this feature of “encounter” comes into play. This particular feature is an amazing addition to the dating app world and allows the users to see with whom they are crossing paths with. If they are regularly using the same routes and are regularly crossing paths with their connections on the app then it will allow them to have a better chance of success to find the desired company.

This feature even tells the users about how many times they have crossed paths with each other. Furthermore, knowing that the person you are about to date is in close proximity is a bonus when it comes to dating.

Secret chatting: When you are dating online then what is exactly happening here? Frankly, you are trying to mingle with strangers. Let’s say you found a match and have started talking to your match then you don’t really know who exactly is on the other side of the line. So, chatting might be an interaction that can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to privacy. Hence, feature of “secret chatting”.

This amazing feature allows you to keep your private conversations private at all times. This feature deletes the chat thread once the chat session is over allowing both the parties concerned to have more access to their privacy. This is something that can also be seen on a couple of social media platforms as well. It is a feature that is worth adding in your dating application.

Audio and video calling: A world where dating apps only provide you with the option to chat can become boring after sometime. At times one needs a little more insight about what their potential date sounds like or looks like in real life. Let’s face it, we all put up pictures in our profile that are showing our best selves. However, in real life we normally don’t always look like the person in the picture. So, this can help your users a lot.

Another advantage of putting this feature in your mobile app is the fact that one can easily pick out whether the profile you have matched with is real or fake. Sad and unfortunate but there are many fake profiles on dating apps and this feature can help you avoid wasting your time on a fake profile.

Ice breakers: Even if you have matched with a couple of people and can chat with them but sometimes it can actually become really difficult to start the conversation for many of the players using these dating apps. You never know what is too cheesy or what is too uptight or boring when it comes to starting a conversation with someone you don’t even know. Therefore, it is an amazing idea to provide your users with some great ice breakers that will help them start a conversation with their potential date.

Most people would be thrilled to have amazing conversation starters already provided to them so that they can avoid the hassle of coming up with a good line to talk to someone they like. Even asking someone out becomes easier if you’ve had a good conversation with them a couple of times and so by including this feature in your mobile app, you are helping people find love.


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