The 5 Essential Principles Of UX Design

It is relatively easy to list the qualities that a user wants when using an interface. We are all users of a service and have all been able at one time or another to appreciate a certain way of functioning, or on the contrary, to judge a system badly designed to the point of hating it and ignoring it. To separate. It’s not always easy to put into practice all the features that your app can offer, so we’ve prepared some tips for you!

Let’s follow the progress of a user who will access your service for the first time because he has hooked up to your concept. Let’s say he’s been enamored enough to download your app, possibly created an account, and he’s about to achieve what he needs. To make him want to come back, we have to make sure that his first experience is the right one!

Here are the 5 key principles that will guide your users to an experience that they will inevitably want (need?) To repeat.

The simplicity

This first point is certainly the first one that comes to mind when thinking about the most important points for a service in the eyes of users. Your app should be usable by your grandmother with her big clumsy fingers, like your social media addict nephew. Finally … Certainly, subtleties can appear, after all, you know your target! But keep in mind that the simpler, cleaner, and more logical your interface, the more people will want to come back.


Very complementary to the previous point, it is essential that your application is a real time saver for the user. He should not wonder if he would not go faster by using your website or other solutions that may well exist (such as: contacting you by phone, sending an email, etc.), in which case the application will not meet its duty, but it must be fast, responsive and practical to use on the go. That’s the whole point.

Have you ever been put off by the sight of a long form or faced with difficulty completing it? As with every element of your interface, there are UX best practices to implement on your forms.


Ergonomics is a term that is starting to be familiar and that’s good. An application that is not ergonomic will very quickly be uninstalled and forgotten, because it will have been frustrating to use. It is enough not to find an element in the expected place and to have to search for a long time (on mobile, several seconds is very long!) To feel an unpleasant sensation. Even more so if the person cannot do what they initially wanted after this time has passed.

It is essential to take an interest in the usage habits of your users if you know them. Maybe you had feedback on another interface for example? Now is the time to use it! Have no idea who your users are and what they think about your tool? Maybe we should try to get in touch with them, because they are a very amazing source of information! Several means exist in UX research, such as user tests which can be performed at any time during your project.


Among the “essential” steps to successfully complete your project, there is the notion of modernity to be addressed. We all know that an app has to be useful and practical before it looks good. Yet, if an app looks good, your users will visit it more often!

To meet these expectations, your application must be dressed up to today’s tastes: a sober and meaningful design that follows your graphic charter while being careful to match your target. It must also take into account the guidelines of iOS and Android. The interfaces change every day and our phones, our OS are regularly updated so that we benefit from the most recent progress. It is important to start with the most up-to-date components so that your users do not make a leap in the past using your app.

User involvement

You have created a service for people. These people must feel concerned and pampered! And don’t be shy about the subject. The more personalized your mobile app development company California can appear to a user, the more comfortable they will feel with it.

You can include your users in your interfaces by a multitude of means, the first very effective in our opinion is the way to address the user of your application, to value his actions and to confirm that they have well taken into account. Then, how are you going to contact him again, push notifications? Emails? Why not, as long as you don’t forget them.