Best PopSocket phone grips 2021

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021

If you’re looking for the best PopSocket you’re likely looking for an easy way to hold your phone, but they do more than that – they also help you show off what you care about, and can function as miniature phone stands too.

PopSockets are removable accessories that you stick to the back of your phone to give you something easy to grip when you’re holding it – you can also pop them down so they don’t take up much space, and don’t get in the way when your phone is in your pocket.

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But it can often be hard to find a great PopSocket for you – some shops only sell boring plain ones, and if you look online you’re faced with hundreds of different designs, so it can be hard to get your head around them all.

That’s why we’ve researched the best popsockets for you, whether you’re looking for something subtle and delicate to complement your phone, or a design that shows off your artistic or geeky side.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked in no particular order, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability and unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Best PopSocket for sports fans

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 1
Image credit: PopSockets

If you’re a big sports fan you probably use your phone to stream sports and catch up on match results – so why not use a PopSocket to let people know that?

A football or soccer PopSocket will let everyone know not to bother you because you’re watching the game, and you can get other sports PopSockets in a range of designs for whatever game you prefer.

Best PopSocket for your inner geek

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 2
Image credit: PopSockets

If you want to find the best PopSocket to show off your geeky side, you can hardly go wrong with this Death Star grip, which fortunately doesn’t have the same design flaw as the ‘real’ Death Star.

There are plenty of other Star Wars PopSockets if the villain’s base isn’t your go-to image from the films, and loads of other geeky PopSockets you can find branded with Batman or Avengers logos.

Best subtle PopSocket for black phones

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 3
Image credit: PopSockets

Sometimes you want a PopSocket that doesn’t stand out, but actually blends in with your phone, so if you’re looking for a subtle black PopSocket, this grip is one of the best you can get.

Its ridged black circles aren’t plain and boring, so you’re going to be a good-looking PopSocket, but if you’ve got a black phone it won’t look garish or too vibrant either.

Best subtle PopSocket for white phones

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 4
Image credit: PopSockets

This white PopSocket will look great on a white phone – its minimal design and pastel-esque colors stand out against a white background, but also don’t look too bright or ugly.

Polka dots are always fashionable, so you’re never going to find your PopSocket going out of fashion.

Best subtle PopSocket for black or white phones

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 5
Image credit: PopSockets

If a ridged black PopSocket, or white polka dot design, doesn’t tickle your fancy for the PopSocket you choose, this marble-patterened grip can go with both white and black phones.

Marble always looks great as a design, and this textured pattern will make your phone look elegant and high-brow.

Best PopSocket for fans of the finer things

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 6
Image credit: PopSocket

If you’re a classy and sophisticated person you want your PopSocket to reflect that, and so your best option is to get a gem-encrusted PopSocket like this one.

Of course this PopSocket isn’t made from actual gems, as that would cost a lot, but it looks a lot like one, which is close enough. If pink isn’t your favorite colour there’s a wide range of gem-style grips to go for, so take a pick to see if any of them grab your fancy.

Best PopSocket for animal lovers

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 7
Image credit: PopSockets

There are so many animal PopSockets to pick from, but our favourite has to be this cute turtle design, that’s simple enough to go well with many different phones, but also shows off one of the best animals around.

If turtles aren’t your favorite animal, there are PopSockets of a range of other animals, like elephants or cats, so you’re more than likely to find whichever creature you prefer.

Best PopSocket for foodies

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 8
Image credit: PopSockets

We’re getting hungry just looking at this donut PopSocket, which is as colorful and tasty looking as Homer Simpson’s favorite snack.

You shouldn’t buy this PopSocket if you’re looking for a subtle grip – it’s big and bold and it’ll stand out on your phone, but if you’re a proud sweet-tooth or food lover, you need to let everyone know.

Best cute cartoon PopSocket

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 9
Image credit: PopSockets

It’s always nice to have a cute design, pattern or animal on a phone or phone case, so why not extend that and have a cute PopSocket too?

This llama PopSocket looks cute and happy to be on your phone – if it is a llama, because although the PopSockets company refers to it as such, it looks suspiciously look a unicorn to us.

Best PopSocket for outdoor lovers

Best PopSocket phone grips 2021 10
Image credit: PopSockets

If you’re an outdoor lover you’re going to be using your phone a lot outside, to take selfies and keep the music going, so what better than an outdoors PopSocket to show up your love of nature?

This ocean PopSocket has a design that makes you want to drop your work and run to the beach – so if you live for sea, surf, sailing, or sangria on the beach, how better to let people know than by keeping the sea near you at all times.

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